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Eden Island is a small island wrapped in intrigue and wonder. This little paradise, as its name suggests, is part of a wider network of man-made islands called the Mahe Port Islands. These islands have a small port and a yacht marina. Eden is surrounded by the warm and inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. For convenience, it has a bridge that connects it to the main island of Mahe.

Located in the heart of the Seychelles, just 200 metres from Mahe, this luxury residential marina development has a selection of beautiful homes.

It’s a great option for holidaymakers looking for a secluded, comfortable, and elegant accommodation option in the Seychelles. Built on a reclaimed coral reef, the designs of the homes are specially curated to create spacious accommodation that provides enough privacy and comfort. For ease of movement, there is easy access to the moorings.

Spoiled for Choice

There are a variety of accommodation options to choose from. From double-story maisons to chic waterfront apartments and stunning villas, the homes of Eden Island are unrivalled. The spectacular views surrounding the island add to the mystic and enchantment of the island.

The island has beaches and swimming pools, as well as a world-class tennis court and kids’ play area. There are also supermarkets within walking distance across the island.

Eden Island has a slightly remote feel about it. It exudes charm and sophistication. Residents of Eden Island also have the luxury of sailing to different islands of the Seychelles archipelago.

Just east of the African coast, the Seychelles have lots to offer visitors. When staying on Eden Island, you can easily access Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles. This beautiful island paradise is known for its breathtaking terrain and azure waters. The island is bursting with a vibrance and energy unmatched anywhere else. From festivals to yachting excursions, snorkelling, deep-sea diving and Creole cuisine, there’s an endless amount of adventuring to do.

Eden island in Seychelles Car Rental

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