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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

Terms and Conditions


Travellers can secure top-quality vehicles in Mahe and Praslin on our website at any time thanks to our 24-hour customer service. With a range of vehicles on offer, our fleet is well equipped to accommodate varying party sizes.

Online reservations require a 10% to 50% prepayment to secure the reservation. Once the payment has been received, our team will email you formal confirmation of your booking with a voucher stating your specified delivery details. The remaining balance for your car rental is to be settled on the day of rental paid in Euro cash, US Dollars, Seychelles Rupees or via credit card (see payment terms below).

Please note that prepayment is required to secure your car rental, and any bookings made without prepayment will not be confirmed.


Payment Terms

After choosing a vehicle from our fleet to suit your travelling party, a 10% to 50% prepayment of the rental total is required to secure your car rental. The exact amount to be prepaid will depend on the season and per the specific service provider’s conditions.

The remaining balance for your car rental is to be settled on the day of rental and can be paid in Euro cash, US Dollars, Seychelles Rupees or via credit card.

Please note: if the remaining balance is settled via credit card, a 3.5% transaction charge will apply only on the outstanding balance – not the total amount of the rental.


Rental Car Delivery

Mahe Island

Kreol Services offers free delivery to Mahe airport, the ferry terminal and any public spaces for all rentals of 3 days or more. For rental periods shorter than 3 days, a surcharge fee will apply. To ensure smooth service, a member of our team will be waiting for you bearing a placard with your name at the agreed-upon location at your chosen time.

Please note that a surcharge amount of 15 Euros will apply for delivery or collection for any location outside the airport and ferry.

Should there be any changes or delays to your scheduled arrival time, please let us know as early as possible. We offer 24-hour customer support and can be reached via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.

Praslin Island

For your convenience, Kreol Services offers free delivery anywhere on Praslin Island. Whether you prefer to be met at the airport, the ferry terminal, your chosen accommodation or a public space, we can accommodate you at no extra charge.

Should there be any changes or delays to your scheduled arrival time, please let us know as early as possible. We offer 24-hour customer support and can be reached via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.

Hotel, Guest House or Airbnb Listed Accommodation

To help us find you at the agreed-upon delivery time on the day of rental, please provide us with your room number once you have been checked into your accommodation. Delivery at your accommodation needs to be at the agreed time recorded on your voucher.

If there are changes to your accommodation or arrival time, please contact us early as possible. Our team can be easily reached via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.


Collection & Drop-off Terms

Don’t know what to do with the return of your rental car?

Airport Returns

Kreol Services has dedicated parking spaces at the airport which will be shown to you on the day of rental. Our team will discuss the airport drop-off procedure with you at the rental desk on the day of collection.

If you would like to discuss the procedure before your arrival, our team can be reached at any time via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.

Other Return Locations

We will always meet you on the day of return at your chosen drop-off location and time as per the rental contract. If you need to make changes to the agreed-upon time or location, please advise us as early as possible.

Please note: under no circumstances should you hand over the keys to your rental car or take advice from anyone other than a representative for that specific rental, service provider or Kreol Services.

As a safety precaution, you are welcome to contact Kreol Services for the personal details of who will be collecting your vehicle. Our team can be reached at any time via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.

Late Returns or Changes in Drop-off / Return of Car Rental

The drop-off or return of the rental vehicle needs to be at the previously agreed-upon time and location recorded on your rental contract. Any changes to the time or location must be communicated to Kreol Services as early as possible via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568.

Any returns that occur after the agreed-upon time without prior notice (6 hours) will result in an additional full day’s charge. However, we ask that customers strictly adhere to the rental agreement as the car may be booked for another traveller, in which case, an extension cannot be allowed.



When exploring the iconic shores of Seychelles, we understand that sand is inevitable, however, we kindly ask our clients to make an effort to reduce the amount of sand brought into the car. Seychelles beach sand has a high salt content which can easily cause rust and damage the car in the future. If a valet is required, a valet charge of SCR 500 / 35 Euros will be applied.

Valets are charged in the following instances:

  • Wet seats
  • Sand everywhere in the car
    • Sand on the foot carpets is perfectly fine, but sand on the seats, driving consoles, dashboard, doors and centre console will require a valet.


Insurance, Taxes & Coverage

The cost of Full Comprehensive Insurance, Taxes and the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are already included in the daily rental rate of your chosen vehicle. In the event of an accident, the renter’s liability shall be limited to the following:

  • Budget Vehicles – Kia Picanto / Hyundai Grand i10
    • 1000 Euro maximum liability (extra insurance and coverages is available)
    • This can be reduced to:
      • 500 Euros at an additional rate of 6 Euros per pay
      • 200 Euros at an additional rate of 12 Euros per day
      • 0 Euros at an additional rate of 35 Euros per day.
  • SUV’s & 7 Seaters – Creta / Urban Cruiser / Venue / Ertiga / Serena Van
    • 1500 Euros maximum liability (extra insurance and coverage is available)
    • This can be reduced to:
      • 1000 Euros at an additional rate of 8 Euros per day
      • 500 Euros at an additional rate of 15 Euros per day
      • 0 Euros at an additional rate of 35 Euros per day

** Please note: Kreol Services do not take ANY DEPOSITS for insurance or excess


Tyre & Glass Protection

In the event of any windscreen chips or breakage, client’s can sign up for the Tyre & Glass protection plan, at which point they will not be responsible or held liable for any further charges incurred to repair the damage.

  • 4 Euros per day for Budget cars (Kia Picanto & Hyundai Grand i10)
  • 8 Euros per day for SUV’s & 7 Seaters (Creta / Urband Cruiser / Venue / Ertiga / Serena Van)

Please note that without the glass protection plan, the cost to repair any glass damage can start from 400 Euros for a budget vehicle and 500 Euros for SUV’s and 7 Seaters. The tyre protection plan DOES NOT include the rims and the wheel cap.

As an added safety precaution, we strongly warn clients NEVER to park under coconut trees as falling coconuts can cause extreme damage to the windshield and passengers in the car. Please never leave any personal goods or belongings behind in the car.


Additional Assistance Fees


Roadside Assistance

We offer 24/7 roadside assistance to all clients at a once-off fee of 8 Euros. Without the roadside assistance plan, clients will be liable for a base call out fee of 20 Euros, and an additional 2.50 Euros per kilometre travelled to and from the breakdown.


Cancellation Waiver

A once-off fee of 15 Euros ensures that you will get a full refund of your reservation total in case of any cancellation up to 48 hours before your arrival on Mahe Island. For more information on our cancellation policy, please see below.


Please note: your insurance package (including add-ons such as lowering the excess, tyre and glass protection and roadside assistance) must be established beforehand or at the rental of the car. Once a client has signed the agreement and driven away, the insurance agreement cannot be amended, and clients will be held financially responsible should they require these additional services.


Important Insurance & Excess Policy Information

If any accidents occur while the renter is under the influence of any prohibited substance, drugs or alcohol, they will be held 100% responsible for the cost of the rental car. If under the influence, all insurance excess paid is automatically null and void.

No individual is allowed to open the rental car bonnet for any repairs, restart the battery or anything related to the car engine. Only Kreol Service representatives are allowed to open the bonnet. If this is not adhered to or the client has tried to hide the damages or fix it themselves, the excess paid falls away, and the renter will be held liable for all costs.

Only Kreol Services is allowed to sanction towing of the rented vehicle.

Clients must report any accidents or scratches to the vehicle to Kreol Services immediately after the incident. This allows us to provide you with the proper service and a quote for any repairs needed.

If a replacement car is required, the client can expect a replacement to be delivered within 30 minutes up to 3 hours. This is dependent on vehicle availability and the access point of the client. Our 24-hour customer support team will do their utmost to assist you as quickly as possible.

For more information, please contact our team via email (info@kreolcars-seychelles.com) or phone / WhatsApp on +248 261 8568. Our customer service agents are available 24/7 to assist you at any time.


Unlimited Mileage

To help you explore every corner of the island to your heart’s content, Kreol Services offers unlimited mileage at no extra charge. From the sparkling shores to the dizzying heights of the iconic hiking trails, you are encouraged to see all that this island paradise has to offer without worrying about mileage.


Refuelling Policy

Praslin Island

Our Praslin rental cars are delivered to your chosen location with a full tank of fuel to ensure that you can explore with ease from the moment you land. We ask our clients to ensure that the vehicle is ready for collection with a full tank at the end of their rental period.

Mahe Island

To help you get to where you need to be, your Mahe car rental will be delivered to your chosen location with fuel in the tank. All we ask is that clients return the rental in the same fuel condition they received it in. This means that if you received it with a full tank, it will need a full tank when collected at the end of your rental period. If received with half a tank of fuel, it must be returned or collected with a half tank of fuel. It’s that easy.


Cancellation Policy

 Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

  • For any Covid-19 related circumstances, we offer FREE cancellation. Only a 3.9% transaction charge will apply, with the remaining balance refunded to you.
  • Cancellation up until 36 hours before arrival will result in a 30% charge of the total rental balance.
  • Cancellation up until 12 hours before arrival will result in a 50% charge of the total rental balance.
  • Clients who are no shows without any prior warning will be charged the full amount of the total rental balance.

To request a cancellation, Kreol Services can be contacted 24/7 via:

Email: info@kreolcars-seychelles.com

Phone: +248 261 8568

 WhatsApp: +248 261 8568

If any of the above is unclear or if you would like further clarification, please contact us. Our friendly team is always available to help and answer any questions you may have.

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