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A Guide of the Takamaka Distillery

A visit to the Seychelles would be incomplete without a trip at Takamaka Distillery, which is nestled along Mahé Island’s gorgeous beachfront. This is the sole commercial rum producer and exporter in Seychelles, having been founded in 2002 by two brothers from the d’Offay family. The Trois Frères Distillery, located on a gorgeous estate that was previously a tropical spice plantation location, provides an unforgettable experience. 

The Takamaka Rum Distillery Tour and Garden Tour are among the most popular Seychelles attractions, bringing a rising number of visitors to the beautiful island of Mahé. Raise a glass to Seychelles with these native spice-infused rums at the distilleries’ La Plaine St. André restaurant and bar and even join in a professional rum-tasting.

The restaurant is a beautifully rebuilt historic wooden Seychellois home founded in 1792 that serves delicious Takamaka Rum Cocktails as well as outstanding Creole food. The Takamaka Distillery grounds include a retail store, a wooden walkway, a plantation bell and a sugar cane crusher. 

In the year 2000, Bernard and his father, Robert, purchased a book on home distillation and set out on a goal to manufacture “good” rum. Robert’s grandfather, René Michel d’Offay, had ignited his grandchildren’s interest in rum production by making the local Creole speciality, Rum Arrangé. Rum Arrangé was made by macerating leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, and other components for up to six months before drinking it as a digestive or sweetened with cane sugar syrup. It was inspired by sailors’ use of alcohol to preserve fruits and spices.

Bernard and his father used their backyard swimming pool as a temporary cooling tower for their homemade condenser before going to their local grocery store to acquire yeast and refined sugar and begin testing. Bernard’s elder brother, Richard, joined them, and after more than a year of testing that delivered both doubtful and extraordinary trial rums, they formally established Trois Frères Distillery in Seychelles in February 2002. Not long after, they distilled and delivered their first order of Takamaka black rum.

Richard and Bernard’s expertise has evolved through time as a result of their own spirit of inquiry and discovery, as well as the constraints imposed by Seychelles’ seclusion. It has inspired how they blend and age their rum, formed their community role, and moulded who they are as persons and rum producers today. The tours take place from Monday to Friday at 11:30 am and again at 1:30 pm, showing how this spectacular rum is made and sharing interesting facts about the grounds, the plantation house and its fascinating history.

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