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Anse Georgette Beach

Anse Georgette BeachIn equal parts tranquil and breathtaking, Anse Georgette Beach of Praslin Island ensures travellers wonderful seaside experiences in Seychelles. Many consider this beach to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Praslin, comprising of bright turquoise ocean waters, white sandy shores and lush greenery. Anse Georgette Beach can be found on the North West coast of the island and does not tend to attract huge crowds as it has restricted access through the Constance Lemuria Resort. Plan your beach outing here by including a stop at the resort first, to ensure your way in (you will need to acquire permission to visit but don’t have to be a guest at the hotel).

There are so many stand out features to Anse Georgette Beach. Appreciate the crystal clear ocean waters where you can clearly see fish moving, thanks to less coral reefs. An exquisite rock formation not only provides beach goers with more privacy, but is also a stunning backdrop to this setting. Also adding a touch of holiday charm are the swaying palm trees along the oceanfront, while there is an abundance of natural shade for those who wish to unwind for a few hours. One of the popular activities enjoyed at Anse Georgette Beach is snorkelling, and snorkelling gear is available to hire from the neighbouring Constance Lemuria Resort. Be sure to bring your camera along when visiting this Seychelles beach, for some gorgeous shots!

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