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How Did The World Wide Fuel Increases Affect Seychelles

As the globe struggles to react to the present supply losses from Russia, oil prices are still rising and are anticipated to stay high for the foreseeable future. Around the world, a gallon of gasoline costs $5.51 on average. However, because different nations have different gas/petroleum taxes and subsidy regimes, there is a significant price variation between them.

The cost of petrol in the island nation of the Seychelles is the second highest in all of Africa, with a litre of gasoline costing $1.541. Although several foreign oil corporations are actively searching prospective oil resources along its numerous coasts, the nation presently does not produce any oil or gas. The last time fuel prices significantly increased in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, was in 2008 when it implemented a macroeconomic reform program with support from the IMF.

Since the start of the pandemic, Seychelles residents have spent an average of SCR 14 ($0.98) per litre for petrol. This was the lowest price ever recorded in May 2020. In the coming weeks and perhaps months, Seychelles’ fuel costs will probably continue to struggle with both the global situation and the fluctuating value of the local currency. With unfavourable pricing ratings likely to become commonplace, the future does not appear promising for drivers and other consumers.

Because travel is so important to tourism and outdoor leisure, gas costs have an impact on both industries. Travel participation can be impacted by volatile and rising gas costs, and changes in behaviour are likely to take place. This means that boat rides and Jet Ski tours in Seychelles are automatically more expensive.

There is no getting past the fact that rising energy prices will have an impact on travel and tourism. Despite what one would assume, the consequences could actually be more noticeable in the kind of holidays individuals choose to take rather than in a general decline in travel. Travellers could choose places closer to home or spend less on things like meals, lodging, and gifts while travelling as a result of this higher cost, which might potentially restrict the number of trips, they take.

Food prices, driving, leisure activities (such as boating) and many other entertainment mediums have seen a drastic increase in price. While this may be disheartening, Seychelles offers a tranquil, once-in-a-lifetime experience. This can help you take your mind off all current affairs and focus on what truly matters: spending time with the people you care about while embarking in an unforgettable holiday.

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