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Introducing: Adventures Company for Jet Ski & Boats

Seychelles offers some of the most incredible holiday experiences in the world. With pristine beaches, turquoise waters and activities that cater to every mood and interest, it is impossible to visit this unique archipelago without having a ball of a time! Kreol Adventures aims to help travellers make the most out of their time on the island, providing epic water sport adventures for one and all.

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Kreol Adventures provides travellers with a jet-ski tour experience around the island of Praslin. Young, old, experienced or inexperienced – no matter your background and jet-ski experience, we invite everyone to come and partake in this incredible adrenaline rush. Hitting the waves allows travellers an opportunity to tour Praslin from a completely different angle.

As we’ve witnessed the growing trend of these tours worldwide, we couldn’t help but say “challenge accepted!” Starting on Praslin, we have had amazingly positive feedback from our clients, who loved every minute of jetting around, even in spite of a little sunburn here and there. At Kreol Adventures, we are proud to have brought this to the stunning shores of Seychelles and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Operating from Cote D’or Beach, the jet-ski tour will take you all around the coast of Praslin, allowing travellers to truly dive into the beauty. All tours are conducted in English by an instructor who will ride alongside the guests and guide them along the coast in a controlled and safe manner.

As mentioned, we allow riders from all experience levels. From young and inexperienced to mature and seasoned, we accommodate all who are willing to take the leap from landlubber to coastal cruiser. All novice clients can enjoy an orientation lesson to help spread their water-wings. Despite being an adventurous activity, safety and inclusiveness are our priorities. Rest assured that while you are out on the waves, we will be there to catch you if you fall.

Jet-ski tours allow our clients to enjoy the unmatched beauty of Praslin in style while viewing the island from a different viewpoint. With the wind in your hair and the seawater on your legs, our jet-ski tours will provide you with a sense of freedom and euphoria. Your time out on the waves is sure to be one that you won’t forget.

Don’t forget to book your affordable Praslin car rental through Kreol Services to help you explore all that Seychelles has to offer from land to sea. If you are looking for an adventure to embark upon during your upcoming stay in Seychelles, contact us for more information on our tours. This is something you won’t want to miss out on!

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