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Is it safe to drive in Seychelles?

The Seychelles is a tropical island, surrounded by immaculate crystal clear beaches and lush forests. While consisting of numerous islands, the two most well-known islands are Mahé and Praslin. Attracting thousands of holidaymakers all year round looking to indulge in memory making and tropical island fun – Seychelles is perceived as a safe and gorgeous paradise. But the question remains: Is it safe to drive in Seychelles?

In most cases one continuously needs to take precautions when driving, regardless of where we are situated. Whether being on the roads for leisure or stuck in day-to-day traffic, there are always things to take into consideration when driving a car throughout the world. The Seychelles is a small country with one of the world’s smallest population numbers. Therefore the roadways are particularly smaller than what we would be used to, in a big city with over millions of drivers on the roads.

Renting a car and driving in Seychelles is without a doubt the best way to move around. The beaches of Seychelles are scattered and a little far from one another, thus making driving the best way to explore the island. There are buses available; however, they only drive on the main roads so either way, a walk to the beach from anywhere becomes a long walk.

The Seychelles is pretty strict when it comes to speeding, drinking and driving. A waiter at a restaurant is permitted to ask if you are driving before they serve you alcohol – ensuring your safety is seen to. When it comes to driving in Mahé, the roads are often two-way, with only slight wiggle room in either direction. The mountain passes are narrow and curvy which can be quite intimidating, but if you are a competent driver with nerves of steel – you are more than likely to enjoy your time out on the mountainous back roads.

Driving in Praslin is fairly easier, according to some travellers. The roads in these areas are slightly wider and the mountain passes are less winding than in Mahé. Towards the South and South East, the road is well defined and rather easy to drive on. Regardless of where you are travelling, if it is your first time tackling the roads of Seychelles, take it slow and ease into it. Driving in Seychelles is another adventure on its own, which in turn will make your holiday that much more interesting.

The Seychelles road accident rate is also pretty low, making their standing 142nd in the world. When driving in Seychelles; one just needs to take the same precaution as you would when getting behind the wheel in any other country. Other than the twisty turns and narrow roads – it is indeed a safe country to drive in. Here are some statistics as

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