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The July Weather in Seychelles

Seychelles is located in the southern hemisphere but enjoys a tropical and warm climate all year long. During July the temperatures are slightly cooler than usual, ranging from 24 degrees at night to 29 degrees during the day. These temperatures are not cold at all.

July is a great month to visit Seychelles. It has a pleasant mix of sunny, warm and cooler days, and gentle breezy evenings. This is perfect if you need less intense heat. It also works well, for those who like to be active and explore – as the slightly cooler temperatures will make you less tired. The Seychelles is a dream holiday destination. It provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Any time of the year is great to visit Seychelles, but July has its unique charm.

Low Rainfall And Clear Skies

Because of the presence of the winds, July falls within the dry season of the Seychelles. It has lower rainfall in comparison to the rest of the year. July is a great time to visit the Seychelles, as it has many sunny days and occasional rain. When it does rain, it is short bursts of showers. The combination of an abundance of sun and light rain also means lush, green vegetation and vibrant fauna and flora.

Gentle Trade Winds

A defining feature of July in the Seychelles is the southeast trade winds. These winds are predominant in the southern tropical locations. The winds are gentle and are often happily received, as it cools down the humidity and provides a perfect opportunity to surf the warm waves of the Indian Ocean. It’s also perfect for sailing. The winds create clear skies and crisp fresh air, enhancing any holiday.

Ideal For Water Activities

Speaking of surfing, July weather ensures that the waters are clear and calm. This provides a convenient backdrop for a variety of water activities. Snorkelers and divers will be treated with excellent visibility under the water. The well-preserved marine life and coral reefs are a feast for the eyes. The mild temperament of the waters makes it ideal for swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding for all ages. The northern and eastern coasts, in particular, have shallow and crystal-clear water at this time of the year. Perfect for swimming and frolicking in the waves.

Wildlife Watching Opportunities

If you love wild animals, July is a good time to visit the Seychelles. The island is home to several endemic species of birds and land animals. It has the famous giant tortoise, the Aldabra tortoise, which is native to the Seychelles. These giant animals can be found on several islands. July is also the nesting season for sea turtles. Witnessing these creatures laying eggs, from a distance, on the beaches is a once-in-a-lifetime and memorable experience.

Festivals and Cultural Events

July is also the time of vibrant cultural events in the archipelago. The Festival Kreol is one such event that showcases the island’s rich Creole culture through music, dance and great food. Make sure to attend this festival, for a unique and exciting insight into the local heritage, history and culture of the people of the Seychelles.

The July weather in Seychelles.

July in Seychelles is the perfect blend of sunny weather and refreshing gentle breezes. There is a lot to explore and enjoy on the islands during this time of the year. For a seamless, and unforgettable experience contact Kreol Car Hire, a locally-owned company that specialises in the best car hire services.

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