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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

Our Favourite Parts of Mahe

The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago is situated about 1609 kilometres (1000 miles) off mainland East Africa. This dreamy destination is world-renowned for its pristine white-sand beaches, lush forests, and dramatic mountains. It is truly paradise on earth.

Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles, home to approximately 90% of the population. If you’re planning on visiting the archipelago, you’ll have to pass through Mahe, which has the international airport. It’s therefore usually the first stop for visitors.

The Richness of Creole

The isolated islands of the Seychelles have a rich and unique Creole culture that blends a wide range of influences. From Arab travellers and Tamil and Chinese explorers to European settlers and enslaved Africans, the island’s people and culture reflect its diverse makeup.

There’s nothing not to love about Mahe. Visiting Mahe is a great opportunity to discover the unique Seychelles lifestyle and culture. Its idyllic and often deserted beaches and calm and quiet nature are perfect for those looking for a rejuvenating getaway.

The island is quite large. It is a good option to have a vehicle to get around quickly and easily, especially if you have luggage or you’re travelling in a group. Hiring a vehicle with Kreol Car Hire is simple and easy. There are also loads of benefits to hiring a car from a locally-owned company; not only are you supporting the local economy, but you’ll also get useful tips and recommendations from local drivers.

The age requirement for hiring a car in the Seychelles is 21. To add to the convenience, there’s an option to have your car delivered and picked up at any location of your choosing, at no additional cost. The roads in Mahe are narrow and have no barriers, so you should be a competent driver. If you’re unsure about driving on the roads, you can request to have a driver.

Our Favourite Parts of Mahe: Hiking Trails

The island is laden with mountains covered in thick tropical foliage. The rugged mountainous landscape and forest-clad lands are excellent for hiking. One of our favourite hiking trails is the Copolia Trail, it’s deemed by some as the most famous hiking trail in the Seychelles. It has a diverse range of plants and animals. The Morne Blanc Trail is another favourite. It has spectacular views and takes you up into the jungle. The Anse Major Trail is shorter. It starts at Bel Ombre, leads you through sandy paths, and ends at the beautiful and secluded beach of Anse Major.

Our Favourite Parts of Mahe: The Turquoise Ocean

For those who love the ocean, there are plenty of places to snorkel and go diving. One of the best places to dive with whale sharks is off the coast of Mahé. The gorgeous beaches are lined with swaying palm trees that stretch on for miles along the white sand. There is no shortage of beauty. The island is filled with picturesque coconut plantations and mesmerising beaches.

Our Favourite Parts of Mahe: The Picture Perfect Beaches

The waters surrounding the island have a vibrant underwater marine life. One of our favourite beaches is Anse Royale. This stunning and relaxing beach is on our top list of favourite places in Mahe. It’s fairly quiet, but not too quiet. There are never big crowds, so it’s a perfect spot to unwind in serenity. Many lazy palm trees drape the beach, and lots of granite boulders are dotted along the shore and into the sea. This shallow beach is a beautiful shade of turquoise. Anse Soleil is another favourite, with its long stretches of golden sand and surrounded by tropical vegetation, this picturesque beach is perfect for snorkelling.

There are plenty of beaches and interesting local shops. Several luxury resorts in the area offer some wonderful restaurants. Fresh fruit is often sold at little fruit stands at the side of the road.

Our Favourite Parts of Mahe: Morne Seychellois National Park

A visit to Morne-Seychellois National Park is a must. The landscape is beautiful and awe-inspiring. There are several hikes you can take through the park. The views from the top are spectacular. Morne National Park is home to a vast amount of indigenous flora and fauna. It’s made up of thick forest, shrubs, and dramatic cliffs and boulders. The national park is home to beautiful birds, such as the scoop owl, blue pigeons, and the sunbirds of the Seychelles.

Beautiful Seychelles and its gorgeous attractions.

Seychellians are exceptionally friendly and helpful, which makes it easy to navigate the island. Great beaches, the unique Creole culture, and a wide variety of accommodations are found on Mahe.
For a memorable holiday in Mahe, get in touch with Kreol Car Hire. We’re here to assist you and make your holiday as smooth and convenient as possible. Contact us now to book your vehicle.

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