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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

Kreol Car Rental Tips – Protecting Our Clients

Driving in Seychelles is the best way to move around because the beaches are scattered and “far” from one another. Since Seychelles is an island nation, there are no reliable sources of transport – you can find buses in the bigger cities like Mahe and Praslin – apart from buses, there are private boats and small aircraft that you can hire to move around.

Renting a vehicle will ultimately provide you and your fellow travel companions with an ideal form of transport when embarking on your holiday to the Seychelles. It provides you with the freedom to come and go as you please and is also the most reliable form of transport on the island for holiday goers. Renting a car can typically be quite a daunting process but rest assured as Kreol Services are here to ensure the process is streamlined for you.


Do your research before the holiday

Before embarking on your exciting trip to the tropical paradise ensure that you have done extensive research on the type of cars that are available for hire. Kreol Services offer a fleet of vehicles for you to choose from that would best suit your itinerary. If you are travelling with a baby or small children who require a baby seat, ensure that you have looked at the booster options available because not all our cars are provided with ISOFIX.

You do not need an international driving permit to drive in Seychelles. A valid driving licence issued from your home country’s government is good enough to allow you to rent a car and drive in Seychelles.


Tips and Tricks to ensure a hassle-free holiday

We urge our clients to take a video or as many pictures of the vehicle as possible before driving – once you return the vehicle you can easily provide proof that it was well-maintained and reduce the chances of losing your insurance deposit. When enjoying your holiday in Seychelles, keep in mind not to leave any valuable items in your rental – to avoid the chances of theft or broken windows.

Similar to driving in India, Seychelles follows left-hand driving with vehicles having right-hand steering, so ensure that you keep to the left when driving in Seychelles. The roads are narrow and only have one lane, do not forget to give first preference to vehicles on the right.

The speed limit in Seychelles is 40 km/h in the cities and areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and 60 km/h on open roads and highways. The minimum age for driving in Seychelles is 21years old and you would need to have a driving licence for at least two years before you are allowed to rent a car in Seychelles.

There is so much abundant beauty to enjoy in the Seychelles. Kreol Services is situated locally and work with reputable car rental companies to ensure that we offer you the best service to enjoy your holiday. Our fleet of cars allows you to travel and experience the Seychelles’ islands at your own pace. Kreol Services aim to put your needs first, and are committed in providing you the most quality experiences on any budget. If you are stuck with any questions, queries or concerns – do not hesitate to contact us today!

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