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Local Beer Brewery Brings Home the Gold Medal

If there is one thing that all African colonies have a common interest in – it would certainly be the art of brewing and consuming incredible beer. Dark beers, crispy beers and light beers are all to be experienced – with each country trying to put their twist on already winning recipes. Countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Nigeria have been pushing the boundaries of the beer industry – with many of these beers scoring favourably in the African Beer Cup.

This prestigious event took place in Cape Town (South Africa) from the 9th to the 14th of May 2022. The competition was tight and the kegs were flowing, but little did we know, our local beer company would return a victor. Seybrew Lager entered the “International lager” category, where the reviews were beyond favourable. Not only did they beat out two other contenders in the top 3, but they also scored a humble 42/50 points and the rightfully earned gold medal. This surpassed the requirements set by the judges, and quite frankly, blew their taste buds away.

Despite how cutthroat the competition was, with Africa’s greatest tastemakers going head-to-head and keg-to-keg, our national treasure managed to overcome all odds and leave a crisp, lasting impression on all parties responsible for grading the beers.

Seybrew Lager successfully passed on the taste of Paradise to the the southern shores of South Africa. Foreigners from far and wide felt right at home with the provision of world-class Accommodation in Cape Town. Not only were they able to attend the competition, but were able to see and experience many of the city’s major attractions, such as the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain.

While Seybrew has left an impact on beer makers and connoisseurs from all over Africa, they still choose to keep their exports extremely limited. This light lager has become so much more than just a local beer, with vacationers savouring its light-bodied, hoppy goodness. Seybrew has created a flavour that is associated with paradise and memories that will be remembered for years. However, for those yearning to taste this incredible brew, parent company Diageo has stated that they aim to distribute these beers to Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany within the near future.

If you plan on spending your holiday in Seychelles, let Seybrew “beer” your companion. Renting a vehicle and travelling around the Island can lead to some awesome yet exhausting experiences to be had. Ensure a pack of Seybrew is left to chill in the fridge back at the lodge. Alternatively, you can ask the friendly bartender to hook you up.

While Kreol Car Services endorse the idea of an incredible and memorable stay in Seychelles, we are firm believers in drinking responsibly. If you are tucking into a case of this ice-cold nectar, refrain from driving your vehicle until you are certain that you are capable of doing so. If you are travelling in a group, ensure that a responsible, designated driver is present for every outing!

If you are looking for a reliable rental vehicle to get you around the island, contact Kreol Car Services today!

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