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Mini Moke Rental Seychelles

Did you know: The British army was originally intended to use the Mini Moke

The words “Mini” and “Moke,” two outdated dialect terms for donkeys, respectively, are derived from the automobile with which the Moke shares many components. Sir Alec Issigonis created the Mini Moke for the British Motor Company (BMC). However, because of its low clearance, it proved to be useless for the army. Instead, as a civilian vehicle, the Mini Moke was successful, particularly as a beach buggy in nations like Australia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Surfers and famous people both started to like it. 

The amoeba of the automotive industry, a Mini Moke is as basic as you can get and yet be classified as a motor vehicle. The body is made out of welded steel panels that come together to form a short tub. The primitive suspension from an early Mini is elevated at each corner, and the early Mini’s gearbox and engine are located under the stumpy bonnet at the front, powering the front wheels. In addition to a crude cloth roof, there are no doors, side windows, or really anything else. The inside is largely made of bare metal and has only a few thin, hammock-style chairs for seating in addition to a speedometer and fuel gauge.

The first Mokes were created in England in 1964 for commercial use. Between 1964 and 1968, 14,518 Mokes were made in the UK, 26,000 in Australia, from 1966 to 1981, and 10,000 in Portugal, from 1980 to 1993, when manufacture of the Moke came to a stop.

With the Mini Moke being a reasonably unreliable car, Kreol Cars offers its customers beach buggies instead! These are the ideal holiday vehicles for both young and old. The buggy is your one-way ticket to an adventure each time you get behind the wheel, whether you choose to keep the roof up or enjoy the tropical sun on your neck. Take the buggy on a ride along the beach at Beau Vallon or up into the mountains; wherever you go, adventure will be there to meet you. The buggy stands out from its competitors with undeniable and timeless flair thanks to its robust insurance plan that helps limit any dangers as well as the fact that it is a convertible vehicle.

The Seychelles provide escapism and a playground where visitors can explore a variety of biomes and ecosystems whenever they want. The thrill never ends on this renowned archipelago, from picturesque, world-class beaches to looming, mist-covered alpine jungles! Whether you want to visit the famed Mahe or the stunning Praslin, Kreol Cars is here to make sure your trip to the Seychelles is one you won’t soon forget.

Allow Kreol Cars to offer you first-rate service and a car rental option that is unrivaled if you are organizing a trip to the Seychelles. We offer more than enough variety to satisfy every taste or spending limit.

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