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Navigating Your Way Around in Seychelles

It’s likely that you won’t visit just one island in the Seychelles if you’re considering a vacation here. The best way to fully enjoy everything that this magnificent location has to offer is an island-hopping vacation that includes stays on two or more islands. Planning your trip requires understanding how to get to the islands as well as how to move around on each one.

Depending on where you are based, there are different ways to navigate around Seychelles. While the bus service on Mahé and Praslin is great, tourists visiting the tiny and flat La Digue would benefit most by renting a bicycle. The Seychelles offers dependable and convenient ferry services if you want to travel between islands.

Ferries are the most efficient means to get between most islands in the Seychelles. To guarantee availability on a boat to your selected island, it is essential to purchase tickets online at least 48 hours in advance. Due to the simplicity of booking and accessibility of ferry boats across the many island canals, the ferry is also the most popular option for island hopping.

Using Kreol Services would be another fantastic choice for island hopping since they provide exciting excursions allowing visitors to have a special and private experience when visiting Praslin Island. The first guided jet ski rides on Praslin were offered by Kreol Services, which operated from Cote D’or Beach and across the island’s coastline coves. The trip is performed in English by an instructor who will ride a jet ski beside guests and steer them along the coast of Praslin in a controlled manner. Guests will be able to experience the thrill of riding a jet ski around Praslin.

Google Maps is a great tool for travellers as it offers a ton of advantages to make travel simpler. Almost every destination, route, and neighbourhood in Seychelles are included in the incredibly thorough maps, along with the majority of monuments, attractions, and establishments including restaurants, stores, and hotels. Google Maps’ offline maps tool is fantastic because it lets you download individual cities or regions of the map. The downloaded map can then be used without a signal, which is quite helpful while exploring in places with poor mobile service.

When it comes to travelling while on vacation in the tropics, Kreol Services is your best option. Every taste and budget are catered to by our selection of rental cars, which also comes with the promise of outstanding support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like to find out more information about driving in the Seychelles.

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