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No More Mandatory Mask Wearing Outdoors

Restrictions on travel, socialisation, wearing masks, and self-isolating that were originally implemented in 2020 by nations throughout the world are beginning to be lifted. Even as the Omicron variant – considered extremely infectious but less severe – has led cases to soar, several nations that have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus are opening up and lowering their tight, and sometimes controversial, restrictive measures targeted at combating COVID-19.

Since health officials updated public health regulations, temperature checking at ports of entry in Seychelles public spaces is no longer required, and wearing a mask outdoors is optional. Following a COVID-19 Platinum Command meeting, the announcement was made. Mask wearing is still required on buses and other forms of public transportation, including taxis, boats, and airplanes, according to Dr. Jude Gedeon, the Seychelles’ public health commissioner. Health precautions were taken to stop COVID-19 from spreading, and from the beginning of May 2022, fewer instances have been reported.

For couples and vacationers looking for a piece of paradise away from the crowds of visitors, Seychelles is an enticing travel destination since it is an undervalued, off-the-beaten-path island getaway. It’s renowned for its distinct beaches, islands, and intriguing culture. You can go snorkelling with turtles, trekking through steamy jungles filled with the flutters and noises of exotic birds and frogs, and eating so much delicious cuisine that you won’t be able to get enough of. The idea of wearing a face mask should not cross your thoughts as you imagine your ideal holiday spot.

It is crucial to keep in mind though that COVID-19 still exists in the nation, thus it is everyone’s duty to think about their own and others’ wellbeing. By taking these factors into account, we will be able to live in and enjoy Seychelles as we once did before the pandemic.

Even when you are on vacation, travelling overseas during these turbulent times may be rather stressful. Although fear is a normal emotion that helps one prepare for an adventure, travellers should not allow dread to rule their actions. Paradise is meant to be a place of freedom, expression and a slew of never-ending memorable experiences. Seychelles is slowly but surely on its way to reclaiming its title as “Heaven on Earth”.

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