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Self-Caterings Dominate Seychelles Accommodations Landscape

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday, that’s affordable and fully equipped for your needs, Seychelles has a variety of self-catering establishments, run by Seychellians.

There are a total of 780 licensed tourism accommodations that grace the islands, with self-caterings taking the lead at 77 per cent. As of December 29, the latest data from the Tourism department reveals that self-caterings make up 43% of the total rooms, boasting 3190 out of 7459 rooms.

Throughout 2023, self-catering, guest houses, and bed and breakfast options enjoyed a 53% occupancy rate, showing improvement from the previous year. Despite a 3 % increase in average daily rates compared to 2022, rates remained 12% higher than the benchmark year, 2019.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, emphasised the department’s commitment to encouraging Seychellois participation in the tourism industry. He highlighted that the majority of rooms are in the hands of Seychellois, with many running their businesses personally. Local involvement in the tourism industry is a great way to support and strengthen the local economy. It also allows tourists to have a more authentic stay in the country.

Minister Radegonde, who visited approximately 300 establishments, praised the high standards of the establishments and suggested that they may be underpricing their products. Encouraging continuous value addition, he urged these establishments to expand and play a more significant role in the industry. Kroele Cars is another proudly locally owned car rental service in Seychelles, providing modern and reliable Mahe and Praslin car rental services to guests.
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Director of Strategic Planning, Chris Matombe, anticipates a 15% increase in revenues from smaller establishments compared to 2022. Average daily rates are expected to rise by approximately 13% this year.

Self-Caterings Dominate Seychelles Accommodations Landscape

Navigating Seychelles’ Tourism Landscape

Projections, Performance, and Future Policies

Large hotels constitute 34% of total rooms, numbering 2561. In 2023, average daily rates in hotels increased by 7% compared to the previous year. However, hotel occupancy experienced a slight dip from 72% in 2022 to 68% in 2023. On the revenue front, the average revenue per available room saw a 2 %increase from 2022.

Comparing Seychelles to regional competitors, Matombe noted that Seychelles has a high occupancy level, outpacing even Mauritius. The average revenue per available room in Seychelles is 12% above that of Mauritius.

Average daily rates in Seychelles also surpass those of Mauritius and other destinations like Costa Rica, approaching levels seen in the Maldives. Minister Radegonde hinted at the possibility of proposing policies to cap construction and limit tourist arrivals in the future.

Minister Radegonde’s emphasis on encouraging Seychellois participation in the tourism industry not only fortifies the local economy but also provides visitors with an authentic taste of the country. Navigating Seychelles’ tourism landscape reveals a narrative of local vibrancy, unparalleled performance, and a dedicated commitment to preserving the essence of this idyllic destination for years to come.

When visiting this tropical paradise, renting a car not only provides the freedom to explore the islands at your own pace but also complements the ethos of a genuine Seychellois experience. With the right vehicle and a good understanding of local driving conditions, visitors can maximise their Seychelles adventure.

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