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Seychelles is a Sea, Land and Air Activity Hub

Shimmering sunshine, clear turquoise oceans and superfine, white sandy beaches should all be considered while arranging your ideal beach vacation in Seychelles. Nevertheless, as much as you enjoy taking in the scenery, your postcard-perfect vacation should also include stimulating archipelago activities! 

The Seychelles is also ideal for active travellers who want to participate in both land and sea activities. Rock climbing, hiking and mangrove kayaking are all recommended activities. The more distant outer islands provide fly fishing as well as deep sea game fishing. With so many sea, land and air activities available in Seychelles, travellers are totally spoiled for choice. 

Sea Activities: 

Snorkelling Shenanigans

Seychelles has a wide range of underwater wonderlands to explore. The colourful archipelago is brimming with marine life, offering some of the best lagoon and reef experiences in the Indian Ocean, whether snorkeling in the shallows or diving into deeper areas.

When booking a tour with Kreol Adventures, there are numerous tours that include a snorkeling experience to enjoy. Both our Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursion + snorkeling + lunch pack and our Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursion + snorkeling + BBQ are on offer for an exciting snorkeling opportunity.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is another favourite activity in the archipelago paradise. You might not want to leave the island you’re on (and we don’t blame you!). Nevertheless, if you have the urge to “explore” for a day and want to go further away, there’s an entire archipelago out there to discover!

Kreol Adventure’s Full Day Curieuse & St Pierre Island Hop On-Hop Off Tour is unique since it includes famous stops and places along the way with some added free time. When you reach Curieuse Island, where a tortoise exploration and guided walk will be enjoyed, their guests will have the opportunity to witness the Seychelles’ well-known abundance of wildlife. On Curieuse Island, there is also a lot of leisure beach time where visitors may feel free to walk down the warm, sandy beach and take in the glorious sunshine.

Jet Ski Tours

Kreol Adventure’s Jet Ski riding experiences on Praslin Island allow you to see the beauty of the island from the pure crystal seas that surround it. Throughout your Kreol Adventures trip, there are a variety of activities to keep your blood flowing. If you want a quick, relaxed experience that puts you in complete charge of the Jet Ski, our 30-minute option is the way to go. 

Land Activities: 

Jungle Exploration

Although many visitors come to Seychelles for its sparkling beaches and luxurious resorts, this archipelago has more to offer. Not only is the ocean full with natural wonders, but so are the islands! Additionally, Seychelles is linked with wild tropical gardens, beautiful rainforests, and all the adorable species that live there!

Explore the island’s green vegetation loaded with a plethora of interesting treasures by foot, bicycle, or car with incredible car rental prices from Kreol Cars. Look for magpie robins and paradise flycatchers amid lush green canopies. Alternatively, look for the coco de mer’s heart-shaped coconuts as well as uncommon jellyfish trees.

Giant Land Tortoises

Meet Seychelles’ oldest residents, the Aldabra Giant Tortoises. These leisurely giants, named after the Aldabra Atoll where they originated, are one of the world’s largest tortoise species and are native to Seychelles.

Slow down and meet some of these prehistoric titans roaming free in Seychelles. You might possibly come across some who are 150 years old! Catch them roaming the Aldabra Atoll, or pay a visit to a neighbouring refuge to see their magnificence up close.

Private Beach Picnics

Around the forests are the gorgeous beaches for which Seychelles is famed. The lush greenery slopes down to the Indian Ocean, where powder-white sands meet cerulean waters. And it is here that you will find the ideal environment for the most ideal picnics. Also, you do not need to bring your own basket because most Seychelles resorts have beach picnics on their menu of numerous activities!

Air Activities:

Rock Climbing and Zip-Lining 

SMAC Adventures is located at Port Launay, where you’ll enjoy the natural beauty of the Seychelles’ forests from an aerial view, with lots of adrenaline rush activities like zip lining and rock climbing.

In addition to zip line, SMAC provides rock climbing sports on an 18-metre-high natural granite rock face. Safety precautions have been made so that you can enjoy yourself safely and comfortably.

Scenic Helicopter Ride

Zil Air, Seychelles’ only premium aerial transportation service provider, provides spectacular scenic flight choices to complement the island vacation experience. Flights typically depart and return to the Zil Air Base, but you can design your own itinerary from your preferred helipad and duration.

Don’t forget to book your affordable Seychelles car rental through Kreol Services to help you explore all that Seychelles has to offer from land to sea. If you are looking for an adventure to embark upon during your upcoming stay in Seychelles, contact us for more information on our tours. This is something you won’t want to miss out on!

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