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Top Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Car

You’ll definitely need to rent a car while you’re in the Seychelles if you want the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want while on vacation and want to explore the islands at your own leisure. And along with that requirement comes the challenging work of understanding and being at ease with the various car rental rules and regulations in order to avoid making expensive rental car mistakes.

Before you book your rental car, keep these common mistakes in mind to reduce your financial stress.

Failing to recognise damage

Sometimes all you want to do is pick up the car’s keys and drive off. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly check your rental car before driving away. Make sure the car has a full tank of petrol and note it if it doesn’t so that you don’t need to pay for more petrol than you actually used. Any damage to the car, including dents and scratches, should be documented with an associate by taking photos of the damage. Otherwise, you can be held responsible. 

Returning your car with an empty tank

Always fill up the petrol tank to the same level as when you picked up the car before returning it. If not, the car rental company can charge a premium rate, which is more expensive per litre than setting aside a little additional time to fill up at the closest petrol station. Additionally, never prepay for petrol as you risk paying more per litre and will not receive a refund for any petrol that isn’t used. 

Not returning your rental car on time

You can very well be charged for three days rather than two if you rent a car on Saturday and return it on Monday. The majority of companies charge based on a 24-hour cycle, so if you keep the car for 26 hours, you’ll be charged for 2 full days. Although those times may appear random, you can be sure the rental car company noticed and will charge you appropriately. Some companies will allow you a grace period if you return the car late before charging you either by the hour of for an extra day.

Not reading the fine print

You frequently sign a contract in a hurry without reading it first. However, in order to avoid unexpected costs, you should be aware of the contract’s terms and conditions and ask any questions you may have. 

Dropping the vehicle off at a different location

Although returning your rental car at a different place than where you picked it up may seem more convenient, doing so can be expensive. In other instances, the price might be more than three times what it would be if you returned your rental car to the same place. Therefore, drop off at the same location, wherever possible. 


You’ve probably made a couple of these mistakes yourself, but now can avoid them and avoid the unnecessary costs associated with renting a car. 

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