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Water Temperature in Seychelles

Seychelles offers some of natures greatest and most attractive feats. Crystal clear waters, turquoise skies, green tropical forests and snow-white sandy beaches are all on full display here. Vacationers flock to this scenic paradise all-year-round. The perfect weather attracts tourists in droves, with many choosing to spend their time on the pristine beaches or between the waves. The water temperature in Seychelles allows for many water activities to be enjoyed; with the warm waters creating an inviting platform to do so.

The water temperature in Seychelles is warm all year long, with the months of October – June seeing the water at its warmest highs (25 – 28 degrees Celsius). While the months of July – September are slightly cooler (23 – 28 degrees Celsius), they still provide the optimal conditions for the perfect beach getaway. This makes it ideal for vacationers to enjoy these beautiful waters all throughout the year.

These warm water beaches play host to a variety of water-based activities. Jet-skiing around the island provides you with an up-close and personal approach to island sightseeing – all while providing you with white knuckle adventure; with the waves, sun and wind in your face. There are a host of boat tours around Praslin and Mahe that both offer picturesque locations to charter and unique snorkelling spots to uncover.

On the topic of snorkelling, the warm waters of Seychelles accommodate a myriad of swimming activities. Snorkelling is incredibly popular around the islands of Praslin and Mahe, with many tropical fish and coral to gaze upon, from just below the waves. There are multiple snorkelling tours present on the island, but there is ample opportunity for you to forge your own path. If you are feeling slightly more adventurous, Seychelles offers an incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating Scuba Diving community. Many diving activities require a level of competency in order to partake in, but there are a few diving specialists that can show you the ropes.

Something to consider are the luxury resorts and their water offerings on the island. Many of these resorts offer warm Jacuzzis and heated swimming pools for you to relax in after getting some saltwater in your hair. These resorts are typically located near to many of Seychelles most prolific beaches, with many of them being situated on the beach itself. This grants you near access to these perfect shorelines and some memorable moments to be had in and outside of the water.

Seychelles magnificent beaches boast some of the warmest water temperatures in the world. No matter the time of year or day; rest assured that Seychelles waters are always a great place to find yourself in.

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