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What is the internet like in Seychelles?

When you choose to break away from the monotony from everyday life and travel to the Seychelles – a lot of your time spent here will be away from the screen, the social media and the Netflix. With so much natural beauty waiting to be uncovered at every twist and turn, there is simply no shortage on how much to see and experience on the islands.

However, when it comes to settling down at your 5-star getaway or Hotel room, there are certainly a few things you will need. Firstly, Wi-Fi access is essential in terms of showing your friends and followers the incredible time you’re having away from home. Secondly, is the internet good enough to stream an episode from your favourite series or download that one album nobody can stop raving about? Lastly, when you’re away from your accommodation – is there a reliable solution to keep you connected?

The good news is that most resorts, hotels and lodges now boast Wi-Fi connection – which simply wasn’t the case a few years ago. Internet development on the Archipelago has always been a constant struggle – with the first implementation being incredibly slow and unstable. However, the islands have slowly but surely been pushing for more widespread connectivity. So in short, your Instagram feed will stay consistent and your Netflix will indeed stream. Instability can definitely be a deterring factor, but this is normally the case in occurrence of mid-severity tropical storms or ISP related issues.

There is a guaranteed way of staying connected at all times. Airtel and Cable Wireless both offer local SIM cards that can be topped up with prepaid data bundles – at an incredibly reasonable rate. Many attractions in and around Mahe and Beau Vallon provide free Wi-Fi to customers. Free Wi-Fi is an ever-growing service in the Seychelles – so don’t be surprised if the beach bar has outstanding connection!

When it comes to experiencing the Seychelles, Kreol cars believes that while internet is more than adequate – never allow it to distract you from some of the best experiences you will ever have. Be in the moment with your loved ones and let the fun consume you. Socials and Netflix is ideal after a day’s worth of good times – perfect to get you rested for the next adventure that awaits you.

At Kreol Cars, we strive to deliver world-class transportation solutions that can accommodate a broad range of budgets. We ensure your trip is safe, with excellent vehicles to get you around the island. No matter the adventure you have planned – we will always get you there.

If you would like to see our fleet of cars on offer, or simply learn more about just how convenient our services are can be, head on over to the “about us” page or simply contact us for further information.

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