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Wishing you Smooth Roads and Happy Holidays

Warm Wishes and Happy Holidays from Kreol Cars!

As the holiday season approaches, We want to extend heartfelt wishes to all our valued clients. In Seychelles, the summer holiday is a unique celebration, offering a Christmas like no other – a vibrant blend of warmth, sandy beaches, and the crystal-clear blue waters that define our mid-ocean paradise.

In a land where snowball fights are swapped for beach parties, Seychelles transforms into a festive haven. Despite the absence of snow, our Seychellois traditions bring a special magic to the season.

Seychellois Christmas traditions are a delightful blend of festive customs. 

Homes across Seychelles come alive in early December with uniquely shaped and sized Christmas trees, standing inside or outside the house. As the religious significance of Christmas unfolds, preparations kick off in November, culminating in the majority attending a Midnight Mass on December 24, followed by a morning mass on Christmas Day. 

Beyond the religious celebrations, Christmas in Seychelles becomes a time for family reunions, with gatherings featuring barbecues, lunches, or dinners, fostering a warm sense of love and togetherness.

As we express gratitude to our loyal clients, we invite you to join us in celebrating the holidays with a touch of adventure. With Kreol Cars, choose from a well-maintained fleet for a memorable experience while exploring.  

Kreol Cars is here to assist you in creating your own sightseeing adventure on Praslin Island and Mahe Island. Our well-maintained fleet allows you to customise your experience, whether you seek invigorating activities or tranquil moments, all while accommodating your needs and budget. Enjoy the scenic beauty and navigate the islands at your own pace and comfort – it’s the perfect option for an independent and memorable journey.

People from all over the world visit, not just to appreciate the island’s natural beauty but to seek adventure and an experience to remember.

As we approach the festive season, consider island-hopping a unique Seychellois experience and a distinctive way to celebrate the holidays. Our team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to assist you in having a comfortable and memorable experience. 

During the holidays in Seychelles, Victoria, the capital, comes alive with vibrant decorations and illuminations, creating a bustling atmosphere. Radio stations play carols, enhancing the festive spirit that permeates the air. Despite the absence of snow, Seychellois paint their houses, hang new curtains, and come together with friends and family to celebrate the joyous occasion at home.

So, here’s to the holidays, new adventures, warm sands, and unforgettable moments. 

Happy Holidays from Kreol Cars!

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