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World Oceans Day – What Did Seychelles Do

World Oceans Day is a global celebration that takes place on June 8th every year. On this unique day, we can honour the seas that all of the world’s people share and spread the word about how important the ocean is to people’s lives. Food security, as well as the wellbeing and existence of all species, depend on the seas. The play a crucial role in the ecosystem and power our climate. World Oceans Day provides a chance to increase public awareness of the current ocean-related problems facing the international community.

With more than 100 islands, 1,200km of shoreline, and 1.35 million square kilometers of marine area, the Republic of Seychelles stretches across a significant portion of the western Indian Ocean. The economy of the Seychelles, which has a population of less than 100,000, is one of the world’s most ocean-dependant, with a great deal of its population’s livelihood, employment, health, and well-being relying on the ocean and coastal ecosystems.

Here are some ways that Seychelles and regional conservation groups are protecting the island national’s territorial waters and its wildlife as it joined the rest of the globe in commemorating World Oceans Day on June 8th.

Seychelles Climate Action Plan

Seychelles promised to completely conserve its seagrass habitat in September of last year, in advance of the UN summit on climate change. The island country promised to safeguard at least half of its seagrass habitats by 2025 and all of them by 2030 in the chapter on the ocean and blue carbon. By 2025, a long-term monitoring program for seagrass ecosystems will be established, and it will incorporate the blue carbon ecosystems’ role as a greenhouse gas sink into the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS)

The non-governmental organisation (NGO), which was founded in 1997, has built long-term monitoring programs for coral reefs and sea turtle nests. Crown-of-thorns starfish were first removed, and now active restoration utilising the coral gardening technique has taken their place. Since 2015, MCSS has been using the coral gardening technique to restore coral in the Ste Anne Marine National Park, and during that time, 5,800 corals have been cultured.

Save Our Seas Foundation

The foundation, which was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Switzerland, also has offices in the USA, South Africa and Seychelles, where it supports and finances programs for marine research, conservation, and education. In order to assess trends in the health of the coral reefs of D’Arros Island and the St Joseph Atoll in the Seychelles, the philanthropic organisation, which is dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, is conducting long-term research to uncover patterns in coral reef health and disturbance regimes. The Save Our Seas Foundation is also conducting surveys of the many reef fish species present at various locations around the islands, keeping track of long-term changes in the distribution and quantity of reef fish species, and categorising species according to size groups. Additionally, it collaborates with the Manta Trust to conduct manta ray research, and the information gathered by the Save Our Seas Foundation is used to develop a more comprehensive regional understanding of the population and ecology of these endangered species in the Seychelles.

With Seychelles’s innovative worldwide marine preservation goals and a younger generation that is more interested than ever in ocean conservation, this is the ideal vacation spot that values its ocean. Throughout your Seychelles vacation, renting a car can enhance your island experience.

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