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Countries that may visit Seychelles

The lure of Seychelles, a breathtaking Indian Ocean Archipelago comprising of 115 islands, beckons tourists from across the globe. Although the COVID-19 pandemic put many travel plans on hold during 2020, things have slowly started to improve and Kreol Cars remain at your service and open for business. We are 100% COVID-19 compliant and you will find that your health and safety are a top priority throughout your Seychelles vacation.

Like many other countries, there are certain conditions for entry and travel procedures in place, as well as a list of countries that may visit Seychelles as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Seychelles have managed to maintain low COVID-19 infection rates with no community transmission, and although visitors can enjoy their discoveries of this exceptional holiday destination, a permitted list of countries that may visit Seychelles has been divided into 2 categories. Category 1 includes low to medium risk countries, while Category 2 is made up of a list of countries which have been provided special status and will have to adhere to measures that differ to the first category. These and other conditions are in place to ensure that Seychelles remains a safe and welcoming holiday destination.

To find out if your home country is on the list of countries that may visit Seychelles during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here. You will also need to acquire health travel authorisation before booking your flights, accommodation or car rental in Seychelles.

Our Kreol Services team have taken every measure to deliver a service that will make your stay in Seychelles more enjoyable, and as safe as possible. By booking a rental car in Mahé or a rental car in Praslin for your vacation stay, you will be able to journey easily from one attraction to the next, without worrying about flagging down a costly cab or stressing about time constraints. Hiring a car in Seychelles also means that you are less exposed to others, and can practice social distancing even as you embark on fun adventures. At Kreol Services, we sanitize and deep clean each car rental in our possession, before allowing our clients to make use of them.

Visiting Seychelles during COVID-19 is possible and can still result in lifelong memories and wonderful experiences. If your country is featured on the list of countries that may visit Seychelles, you can enjoy a break to an island location unlike any other. For all your Seychelles car rental needs, our Kreol Services team are here for you.

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