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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

How easy it is to book a car with Kreol Services

Planning a holiday, especially one in the breathtaking Seychelles and its surrounding islands, should be a relaxing process preparing you for what lies ahead. Discoveries of this outstanding destination are best enjoyed by rental car, as guests to Seychelles are then free to experience blissful outings and incredible adventures, without time limits and unnecessary travel expenses.

Kreol Services offers effortless, inexpensive and reliable car rentals in Seychelles and the islands of Mahé and Praslin. Travellers can discover the best assets of this coastal paradise at their own pace, capturing photographs, making memories and delighting in dreamlike scenery. We offer straightforward car rental bookings, and advise international clients to make use of our online booking platform for the best potential deals. Booking a rental car for your Seychelles vacation should form part of your plans before even leaving home, so that by the time you arrive, everything is taken care of and you can simply relax. Depending on your preferences, we can meet you with your car at the airport, or else we can deliver and pick up the vehicle at your chosen location.

We believe that each island guest should experience the beauty and lure of Seychelles, Mahé and Praslin safely and without stress. Booking a rental car with Kreol Services is easy, from our advanced, user-friendly and timeous booking interface for online bookings, to the best rates and exceptional customer service without compromise. Although buses and taxis are available to island visitors, these come at a high cost and don’t allow guests the freedom and ease of a rental vehicle. By renting a car, your time is your own, with nothing standing in the way of late evening drive to the beach or an impromptu trip to a pearl farm, Eden Island or a cultural landmark. You won’t want to miss a thing when you start experiencing the beauty of Mahé, Praslin and Seychelles, and with Kreol Services easy-to-book car rentals, you won’t have to!

At Kreol Services, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, convenience to every client and the availability of high-quality car rentals, all year around. Our fleet expands to several vehicle categories suited to Seychelles roads and you, the driver – we encourage visitors from afar to book an automatic car for their time in and around Seychelles, making it easier to travel along the narrow and steep roads of the islands. Of course, your peace of mind is our guarantee – rest assured of 24/7 support and roadside assistance when you need it. The extras we offer at Kreol Services, such as full comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage, go a long way in adding to an unforgettable vacation experience in Seychelles.

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