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How is the weather in Seychelles?

When setting off for an island vacation there is one question that comes before any other, and that is “when is the best time to go?” While most tropical island destinations generally experience some level of summer temperatures all year round, there is still going to be some point in the year that is better than others, so – how is the weather in Seychelles?

Seychelles is comprised of 115 islands of coastal beauty with temperatures remaining largely fixed. It has been known to reach 28°C (82°F) at its hottest in February and 25.5°C (78°F) at its coldest in July, making it ideal for year-round travel. That being said, the Seychelles does experience a rainy and muggy season from December to March due to the northwest monsoon, while May to October provides a little relief from the unrelenting heat in the hotter months with a dry and slightly cooler season caused by the southeast trade winds.

What does this mean for your travel arrangements? The good news is that the slight changes in weather will have relatively little impact on your holiday period whenever that may be. May – October is generally the best time of the year with temperatures designed to indulge in the very best natural beauty attractions that this island paradise offers in spades. While July is considered the coldest month at 25.5°C (78°F), this slight temperature drop in the dry heat makes it the ideal time to try one of the hiking trails and enjoy incomparable views of the island in relative comfort. If you’re keen to visit during the hotter months, be sure to try one the many boat excursions available or take a fishing trip to see the colourful fish species up close.

The rainy season (December – March) consists of intense but short showers with sunshine reappearing roughly 30 minutes later making it an ideal time to duck into one of the many restaurants on the island and grab a delicious bite to eat or explore the local art galleries. This also makes Seychelles the ideal holiday destination for those looking to replace the brutal European and American winters with something far more enjoyable.

No matter when you’re heading off to enjoy the Seychelles, make sure to rent a car and give yourself the freedom to explore this coastal delight at your own pace. With so much to see and do, weather that cooperates year-round and currently leading the world in vaccination rates, the Seychelles has become the perfect place to relax and reset.

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