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Interesting Travel Statistics for Seychelles

The Seychelles, a 115-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean that spans 400,000 square miles and is home to 67,000 people, attracts visitors year-round due to their tropical climate, abundance of beaches and stunning natural surroundings.

The COVID-19 outbreak severely hurt the Seychelles’ tourism economy, forcing it to close its borders like many other countries. With the exception of South African, which was at the time dealing with a severe outbreak, the nation’s borders were once again opened to all travellers in March 2021 in an effort to revive its tourism sector.

After two years of challenges and steadfast work by the regional tourism stakeholders, the Seychelles recovery appears to be coming in full circle. With 21,566 travellers recorded during the first month of 2022, visitor arrival numbers have once again surpassed 20,000. According to estimates from the Seychelles tourism industry, there will be between 36,000 and 76,000 more visitors in 2022 than there were in 2021. The arrival data for 2021 represents an increase of 59% over those for 2020, when the island had 114,858 travellers arrive.

The Seychelles National Statistics Bureau (NBS) indicate that the Seychelles are reclaiming its position at the top of performing countries on the arrival charters for 2022. Russia continues to lead the charts, followed by Germany and France. According to latest arrival statistics ending in February 2022, made public by the NBS, a staggering 675 visitors were arriving each day.

According to data from the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS), accommodation accounted for 87.27% of visitor spending in the Seychelles’ economy between January and May of this year. Restaurants, travel agencies, car rentals and other tourist-related businesses accounted for the remaining 12.73% of expenditures.

The country has made nearly $223 million in tourism-related revenue since the beginning of 2022 until the end of May. By the end of June 2022, 153,609 people have visited the Seychelles this year. Involving the community in the tourism sector is anticipated to diversify the items on offer by giving tourists things to do. The Seychelles Tourism Department views cultural tourism as a chance for locals to get involved in the tourism sector, which was the country’s largest source of revenue.

According to the tourism department, the nation will complete the year with about 258,000 tourists. It also reflects around two-thirds of the number of people who arrived in 2019, the greatest year so far for the industry, when the island nation welcomed over 428,000 visitors to its shores.

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Here’s to more visitors in 2022!

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