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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

New cars: Beach Buggies & Toyota Urban Cruiser

Seychelles is a tropical paradise for any kind of traveller. Adventurers, leisure seekers and beach bums alike all congregate along these scenic, golden shores. From incredible beach outings to mountain hikes and culinary experiences, Seychelles has it all. The only limit to your fun is your own mood and free will. Kreol Cars knows that all adventures, big or small, will need you to arrive both punctually and safely. With the latest additions to our rental fleet, you can go further and worry less with our solutions.

Our first major addition would be the Manual Beach Buggies. These are the essential holiday cars for young and young-at-heart alike. Whether you decide to keep the roof on or feel the tropical sunlight on your neck – the buggy is your one way ticket to an adventure every time you step behind the wheel. Take the buggy for a cruise along Beau Vallon beach or up into the mountains – wherever you may go, adventure is sure to follow suit. With an extensive insurance plan to help limit any risks as well as being a convertible vehicle – the buggy stands out from its peers with undoubted and timeless style. With our insurance plan – we make sure that your time spent on the island will keep you and your money safe.

Our second addition to the fleet is the Automatic Toyota Urban Cruiser. If you fancy luxury over white-knuckle road adventures, the Urban Cruiser is right up your alley. Sporting automatic transmission and countless quality of life features – ensuring a comfortable and not-so-bumpy commuting solution. The Urban Cruiser will get you from A-Z in class, luxury and an undeniably thrilling way. Although it may not be as flashy as our Beach Buggies, the Toyota holds its own as the ideal car to pick up for a well-rounded and safe way to explore this wild paradise.

The Seychelles offers escape and a playground to explore a multitude of biomes and environments at the drop of a hat. From scenic, world-class beaches to looming, mist covered mountainous jungles – the adventure never stops on this renowned archipelago! Be it the famously renowned Mahe or natural beauty of Praslin – Kreol Cars is here to ensure your trip to the Seychelles is certainly one to be remembered.

If you are planning a trip to the Seychelles, allow Kreol Cars to provide you with first-class service and a transportation solution that is simply unmatched. We have more than enough variety to accommodate any preference or budget.

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