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Popular Local Food to Try when Visiting The Seychelles

There are several things the Seychelles islands are renowned for. The beaches would be at the top of most people’s lists because of their warm blue waters, dazzling white sand and palm trees. The food from the Seychelles is just as amazing as the island’s beauty. Its flavours, which are appropriately referred to as Creole or Seychellois cuisine, were inspired by French, Chinese and Indian cuisines and interestingly melded with its own herbs, spices and trade secrets. Here are our choice of top six local delicacies to try while on vacation in the Seychelles, ranging from traditional dishes to innovative takes on classics.

Grilled Fish                       

Food - Grilled FishThe superb fish selection of the Seychelles is the centerpiece of any cuisine. Freshly caught every day and almost always grilled to deliver a genuine ocean-to-plate experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Red snapper, jobfish, jackfish, sailfish or parrotfish are some of the region’s specialities and each is just delectable when paired with the scrumptious marinade of lemon juice, ginger, garlic and chilli.



Food - Bread FruitA staple of the Seychelles’ culinary tradition, breadfruit has a starchy texture and a scent reminiscent of freshly made bread. The fruit is available in a wide range of preparations and is frequently fried, steamed, roasted, boiled or grilled. It is most frequently consumed as chips, mash or cooked in coconut milk to produce ladob. Breadfruit can also be opened into two halves and eaten with a spoon after being grilled on an open flame until the exterior is scorched black.


Bat Curry

Food - Bat CurryWhen it comes to the extensive selection of unique foods available in the Seychelles, curried bat is one of the most well-liked dishes. If you feel like trying something strange, give it a try. Although some tourists find the thought of eating bat curry, which is made from the meat removed from fruit bat wings, somewhat repulsive, locals adore the delicacy. Two of the most well-known dining establishments in Seychelles are Anse Soleil Restaurant and Marie Antoinette Restaurant, both of which specialise in providing classic Creole cuisine, such as Bat curry.

Shark Chutney

Food Shark ChutneyWith their Shark Chutney, the Seychelles consider this fascinating food as much more than just a simple side dish. Shark meat is cooked and mashed to make this unusual yet delicious chutney, which is then combined with lime, turmeric, fried onion and Bilimbi, a local fruit. You can enjoy it with your main course at practically every Creole restaurant in this nation.



Food - SatiniCreole food is not exclusively comprised of seafood and unusual meats. With your meal, you can also eat a healthy salad like Satini. Unripe fruits, such as raw papaya or golden apples, are finely grated and combined with spices and onion to make the traditional Satini. However, due to the chillies in the salad, a word of caution is in order because it is extremely spicy. Shark or fish meat is used in the non-vegetarian option.


Bouillon Brede

Food - Bouillon BredeWhen visiting the Seychelles, visitors who want to savour a refreshing soup might try bouillon brede. Fresh greens, such as spinach, bok choy, moringa leaves, Chinese lettuce and cos lettuce are combined with bouillon, ginger, stir-fried onions, garlic and other seasonings to make the soup. For added taste, chillies, tomatoes and either fish or chicken stock are occasionally used. It is typically offered as a side dish with meals like fried fish, rice and beans. The Boardwalk Bar & Grill in Victoria serves a delicious Creole soup.

Creole food from Seychelles reflects the country’s unique culture and way of life. Since most of the food is prepared in very straightforward and natural ways, you don’t need to have a bold or sophisticated palate to appreciate Seychellois cuisine. Contact Kreol Services right away and we’ll assist you in exploring the Seychelles and offer our dependable Mahe and Praslin rental services so you may travel the island in quest of authentic Creole cuisine.

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