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Be Sure to Eat Breadfruit when Visiting the Seychelles

The breadfruit is a key component of the Seychellois diet and is regarded by them as the “tree of life”. Although the exact method by which the breadfruit tree was introduced to the Seychelles is still unknown, the tree is one of the most spectacular in the tropics. When the 15cm spherical, green, textured fruits hang down from the trees in large numbers, few views can compare to them. The flavour of the breadfruit’s starchy, fibrous flesh becomes sweeter as it ripens and the central core, known as the “gongon” is removed. It is also abundant in protein, gluten-free carbohydrates and in vitamins and minerals.

The breadfruit, which weighs about 3kg, is a very adaptable food ingredient that may be prepared and consumed at any stage of growth. Immature, mature and ripe are terms used to describe the stages. Unsurprisingly, an immature breadfruit is smaller. It is bright green in colour, has white-green flesh and when cut or damaged, it will bleed a sticky, whitish sap. It has a flavour similar to artichokes and can be cooked as a vegetable by being sliced, then boiled, pickled or marinated.

The skin of mature breadfruits can range in colour from the brilliant green of an immature fruit to a golden yellow, or even a rusty orange hue, depending on the type. Mature breadfruit are starchy and firm and can be baked, mashed, boiled, steamed and fried. Ripe breadfruit has a yellow-brown peel that is velvety to the touch and has an enticing aroma. The creamy, sweet flesh can be put into drinks, pies, cakes and other delicacies and is an excellent food for babies. Breadfruit may only be consumed raw at this stage and it has a custard-like flavour and texture.

When visiting the Seychelles, breadfruit dishes can be found practically anywhere on the island, and they are unquestionably something that everyone should try. The easiest method of cooking breadfruit on the island is tossing it whole into a fire. The flesh inside darkens and almost becomes doughy as the skin turns black. When the breadfruit is cooking, the aroma is simply amazing. Once it has turned black, the skin is peeled off, and the flesh is cut into sizable cubes and covered in butter, providing a flavour unlike anything tasted before.

Making breadfruit crisps and chips is another typical practice in the Seychelles. The skin is peeled off, and the raw flesh is fried as wafer-thin slices, french-fries, or thick chips. It’s one of the tastiest ways to try breadfruit, dusted with salt and served hot. It is accessible at practically all local shops and makes for the ideal beach snack or pairing with a cool Seybrew!

Another well-known method of preparing breadfruit is as a traditional local dessert in which it is boiled in a sweet mixture of coconut milk, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon, creating a delightful treat with a delectable doughy texture.

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