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Tourism in Seychelles Recovered in 2022

In the face of anticipated obstacles in 2023, Seychelles’ tourist agency is attempting to sustain arrivals at 330,000 guests, while the tourism minister emphasised the need of tourism enterprises and services maintaining a constant level. 

The tourist administration of the Seychelles has expressed delight with the number of guest arrivals at the end of 2022, which has exceeded expectations. The National Bureau of Statistics numbers for the week ending January 1 reveal that the year-to-date total of arrivals is 334,552, representing an increase of 81% over the same period in 2021.

In the last week of 2022, 10,266 people arrived in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean. Seychelles’ tourism industry, the country’s largest contributor to GDP, was severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, forcing the country, like many others, to close its borders. The country has been reviving this business over the previous few years through extra marketing activities.

In 2022, Europe continued to dominate tourist arrival figures, with Germany leading the way with 44,772 visitors, followed by France with 44,503 and Russia in third place with 31,180. It is worth noting that with the winter schedule, Seychelles has witnessed the return of Condor and Aeroflot, both of which are contributing to the destination’s resurgence. It is also receiving additional charter flights from Israel. Other regions from which Seychelles has attracted the most visitors for the year 2022 include Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and India, which have brought in a total of 51,668 people.

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