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Upcoming Public Holidays in Seychelles

Showcasing breathtaking natural assets and promising visitors unique vacation experiences, Seychelles is a paradise destination comprising of alluring island destinations. Apart from choosing your accommodation from the most popular resorts Seychelles has to offer, booking your Car Rental Seychelles is probably the most important planning that you can do upfront. The best time to visit the Seychelles is up to you – certain activities are better suited to specific months, while there are more affordable times to plan your vacation stay.

Understanding the Upcoming Public Holidays in Seychelles can be useful when planning your vacation stay, and we have listed the 2021 Public Holidays below for you to read through:

New Year’s Day – 1st January: It’s traditional for New Year’s Eve to be celebrated until late into the evening of the last day of the year, and well into the morning hours of the 1st January. This makes the 1st day of the year ideal for resting and relaxing.

Good Friday – 2nd April: This Christian Holiday is observed during the holy week on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This holiday commemorates the crucifix and death of Jesus and the Calvary.

Easter Monday – 5th April: While Easter will be celebrated and observed on Sunday the 4th April, the public holiday will fall on the Monday. This is a day that commemorates, according to Christian Faith and the New Testament of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Labour Day – 1st May: Seychelles also celebrates this International Holiday along with most countries around the world, which exists to commemorate the labour movement’s many achievements.

Corpus Christi – 3rd June: This Christian based public holiday day observes the Holy Eucharist and can also be referred to as the Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ, or the Day of Wreaths. The Latin Phrase “Corpus Christi” translates to the body of Christ.

Liberation Day – 5th June: This is the day that Seychelles celebrates their national pride. This day commemorates the event whereby Seychelles Democratic Party (SDP) leader won a vote and became president, overthrowing Mancham.

National Day – 18th June: This day is now known as Constitution Day, as Independence Day is celebrated on the 29th June.

Independence Day – 29th June: This day marks the day, in 1976, that Seychelles gained independence from the UK. The highlight on this day is usually a military parade at the Unity Stadium.

Assumption – 15th August: As three-quarters of Seychelles residents are Catholic, this day is spent observing the Assumption of Mary and celebrating the belief that God assumed the Virgin Mary into Heaven after she died.

All Saints Day – November 1st: Observed in Seychelles and by many Christians worldwide, All Saints Day is a day for remembering saints of the past centuries.

Immaculate Conception – 8th March: In honour of the Holy Virgin Mary who was believed by Catholics to have given birth to Jesus Christ through Immaculate Conception.

Christmas Day, 25th December: A festive day that celebrates Jesus’ birth and is observed joyfully across Seychelles. Christmas is a popular time for holiday goers to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Seychelles.

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