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Victoria – The World’s Smallest Capital City

Did you know that Victoria is the world’s smallest capital city?

Victoria is a lush, quaint and vibrant city well known for its regional cuisine. This tiny, capital city of the Seychelles is only 20 km² and may be explored on foot in a day, but it’s best to take more time to discover and appreciate its places of interest. Visiting gardens or spending evenings in local bars and restaurants are just a few of the many interesting things to discover.

In 1814, British colonists established Victoria in the northeast of Mahe Island, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. It was once a habour and only attained city status in 1960 and a third of the island’s population call Victoria home today. Victoria is not at all a megacity, but its tiny capital can be proud of its unique features, which can be seen while driving through it. As you move through the congested streets, you will be able to sense the atmosphere of the city and notice various exotic plants, particularly coco palms that blanket the entire city in greenery. The UK government gifted the clock tower, a miniature version of Big Ben, to the city as a reminder of British control and is located on the main street.

Visit the fantastic National Museum of History to find out more about the city’s past and while you roam about, keep an eye out for the town’s striking backdrop of soaring granite mountains. You may view the unusual collections of butterflies and moths, a skeleton of an extinct Seychelles crocodile, sea turtles and other fish species inside the museum. Other intriguing antiquities include the wreckage of a historic ship that sank in 1750 and a variety of household items used by early Seychelles residents.

In addition, Victoria is home to the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, often known as the Victoria Market, which is one of the most well-known island marketplaces. The market’s vibrancy designates it as the true heart of the capital and demonstrates how the traditional and contemporary Seychellois ways of life coexist together. Don’t be shy about asking questions as you browse the stalls, as Seychellois love to share their passion for the local Creole cuisine and culture. Sarongs, flavoured oils and artwork are available at souvenir stalls spread throughout the market.

In the vicinity of Victoria, Beau Vallon Beach is an essential component of any trip. It spreads over 2,5km, near the capital, has a well-developed infrastructure and offers hotels, pubs and restaurants right along the beachfront. People unwind by sitting on the white-sand beach and swimming in the warm water till sunset, after which they go out and enjoy some live music, indulge in local cuisine and sip exotic cocktails.

With so much to see and do in Victoria, make sure you rent a car in Mahe or rent a car in Praslin with Kreol Services so you can easily and conveniently explore everything this lovely city has to offer.

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