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Was in an accident with your rental car, what now?

With a reputation as one of the safest and most relaxed countries in the world, the chances of running into trouble anywhere on the roads of the main islands of Seychelles may be low, but never zero. If you happen to have an accident with your seychelles car rental, here’s what you need to know.

First and foremost is to stop and carefully assess the situation. This may seem like common sense, but an accident (even a minor one) can easily rattle one’s composure, and that’s without the added stress of having an accident in a foreign country. Stop for a moment, take a few deep breaths and assess the situation.

If no immediate medical attention is required and all passengers are unharmed, your next step is to contact your Kreol representative and alert them of the situation for immediate assistance. Due to the low number of cars on the road, the worst trouble you’ll likely have is a light scrape or an unfortunate interaction with a falling coconut. For the safety of our customers and the cars, we remind our clients to NEVER park under coconut trees. Coconuts may be excellent for your digestive system, but they will wreak havoc on your windscreen!

To put our customers at ease, all Seychelles car rentals with Kreol Services have full comprehensive insurance already built-in to the daily rental rate of your car. However, all scrapes still need to be reported as soon as possible as this will allow Kreol Services to obtain an accurate quote for repairs. It is imperative to note that having an accident whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, opening the bonnet to make repairs yourself, or attempting to hide the damage will result in your insurance being invalidated and you held personally liable for the damage. It’s best to be honest and upfront.

While having an accident on holiday is never ideal, Kreol Services will take care of the situation quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to get back to holiday fun. Thanks to our dedicated team’s 24-hour customer support, you can easily contact Kreol Services day or night to report any incidents and get roadside assistance. Your safety is our priority which is why our fleet of vehicles are regularly checked and expertly maintained, granting you peace of mind as you hit the road.

Whether diving into turquoise waters, filling up on Seychelle’s multicultural cuisine, sipping ice-cold cocktails or exploring the variety of natural parks, there’s no better way to explore than by renting a car and driving into the action. For more information on our Mahe car rentals or Praslin car rentals, please contact our team via Whatsapp or email.

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