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What is the Roadside Assistance we Offer for Only 8 Euros?

Renting a car from a reputable car rental company is often recommended as a way to secure a well-maintained vehicle capable of withstanding the rigors of a road trip. However, even rental cars can break down and leave you stranded on the side of the road in an unfamiliar location. You might be wondering who is responsible for retrieving the vehicle and who will pay for damages or a replacement rental vehicle? We, at Kreol Cars provide 24/7 roadside assistance.

Breaking down in a rental car is uncommon because the vehicles are usually relatively new and well-maintained. However, breakdowns can occur at any time. Roadside Assistance is a service that offers 24-hour rapid emergency roadside support. A roadside emergency is a sudden, unpleasant situation that necessitates rapid assistance in order to ensure the safety of you and the people within your car or to limit, minimise or stop more damage from occurring.

We at Kreol Cars provide 24-hour roadside assistance to all clients for a one-time fee of 8 Euros.
Clients who do not have a roadside assistance plan will be charged a base call out fee of 20 Euros, plus 2.50 Euros every kilometer travelled to and from the breakdown.

It is critical to note that your insurance package (including add-ons such as lowering the excess, tyre and glass protection and roadside assistance) must be specified in advance or at the time of your car rental. Once a client has signed the agreement and driven away, the insurance arrangement cannot be changed and the client will be held financially accountable if these additional services are required.

Although Seychelles is well-known for its lovely sandy beaches and pure blue waters, there’s more to this group of islands than what meets the eye. From breath-taking mountains, giant tortoises and rare birds – you don’t want to miss out on these sights due to lack of transportation. By renting a car in Seychelles, you may travel from one place to the next while immersing yourself in the culture by enjoying every moment. With Kreol Cars, you will have complete freedom and control over the time you spend in each location, allowing you to maximise your photography time.

Kreol Car Services places a high value on our client’s happiness and safety. Our additional assistance fees allow us to protect you from any catastrophes that may arise throughout the duration of your car rental. While we maintain and service our cars on a regular basis, there is no guarantee that everything will go as planned. However, our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles that can satisfy your requirements.

To find out more about our roadside assistance fee, contact us today.

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