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Why Tourism is So Important to The Seychelles

Seychelles is a group of islands that are dispersed throughout the wide Indian Ocean, some, 1,000 miles east of the continent of Africa. The island is gifted with calmness and tranquillity and it is nothing less than a paradise on earth. The Seychelles’ tourism philosophy is centered on its white-sand beaches, its diverse range of flora and fauna tall granite rocks, palm-fringed forests and turquoise oceans.

The Seychelles’ largest non-government economic sector is tourism. Tourism employs about 15% of the formal labour force directly and it also has a significant impact on jobs in the banking, construction, transportation and other sectors. The majority of Seychelles’ annual visitors are from France, Italy and Germany, making tourism the country’s most significant industry sector.

The tourism industry has been essential to the Seychelles economy since the Seychelles International Airport first opened in 1971. The 115 islands’ stunning natural surroundings and distinctive Creole culture have drawn an increasing number of tourists as well as regional and international businesses looking to invest in the area.

Indicators of the future performance of the Seychelles’ tourism industry include increased visitor arrivals, increased government revenue and a contribution to output, employment and tourism earnings. The comparative performance of the industry over the past few years is a great predictor of what to expect for the sector going forward. Through the anticipated growth in tourism investments and earnings in the following years, the sector might possibly produce enormous economic, social, cultural and environmental advantages over the long run. In the ongoing endeavour to promote sustainable tourism, some important target demographics for the Seychelles tourism industry have been identified. Ecotourism, cultural tourism and sports tourism are all included in this. For the Seychelles as a tourist destination, sustainable tourism development represents a distinctive and strategic competitive advantage.

The Seychelles has introduced the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) system to track the financial effects of tourism on the island state. The method will provide precise estimates of both the economic value of the tourism industry and its contribution to the GDP of the nation. Seychelles started the procedure in 2019 by signing an agreement with the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).  Speaking at the opening event, Kevin Willington, Tourism Statistics Expert for the UNWTO, noted that the data thus far gathered revealed that tourism directly contributed 16.5% to Seychelles GDP. “The 16.5% contribution to GDP is a very high percentage and is crucial for Seychelles. This number is substantially lower in most other nations”, according to Willington. He noted that the TSA examined the direct contributions that tourists make to companies in order to balance supply and demand for tourism.

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