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Wishing All Our Clients a Happy 2023

Set sail for the Seychelles to celebrate the new year by the turquoise seas of the beautiful islands where the sun will shine brightly, allowing you to enjoy these gorgeous beaches. Seychelles, surrounded by spectacular colourful reefs, will allow you to alternate between relaxing and participating in aquatic activities where the crystal-clear seas are ideal for snorkeling, but also kayaking, paddle boarding, and, in certain spots, scuba diving – so many activities to allow you to experience the underwater flora and fauna of Seychelles’ outskirts for your New Year.

Travelling to Seychelles for the New Year holidays might be one of the most amazing experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life! Seychellois and tourists congregate in “Place de la République” for festivals and street food while strolling to the beat of Creole music. Houses are decked out in Christmas lights, and the aroma of a barbeque fills the air. The party heats up as everyone waits for the countdown and the colourful fireworks that will light up the sky and dazzle your senses.

For some, New Year’s Day is about making goals and starting over, while for others, it’s about recovering from a long night out with friends and family. Seychelles is known as a party destination where the fun never stops. People go to the Seychelles for practically every holiday on the calendar to see how the islanders truly celebrate. To some extent, the same may be said for New Year’s Eve. Fireworks burst over the islands at midnight and there are public parties organised by DJs that are undoubtedly bright and noisy.

Kreol Car Services offers amazing prices and trustworthy vehicles to travellers, making the car rental transaction quick and easy. There are several sights to visit, as well as a variety of lovely beaches to discover throughout your journey. All you’ll need to hire a car in Seychelles from us is a valid credit card and a readable driver’s license from your home country.

Whether you’re going beach hopping, savouring local delicacies, or travelling from one national park to the next, Kreol Services can help you have a once-in-a-lifetime road trip with efficient and dependable car rentals. Contact us immediately and let’s get started!

We are really appreciative to all of our clients! Thank you for everything you’ve done this year to help us grow and we can’t wait to keep onward and upward in 2023. As we conclude the current year at Kreol Services, we welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm, and we wish you and your family prosperity, blessings, and joy in the New Year.

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