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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

5 Key Car Rental Terms Explained

How the Rented Car is your Responsibility

At Kreol Services, we are aware that you have likely rented a car before making use of our services. Having said that, our car rental service is far less complicated than larger rental companies such as Avis, Europcar and SIXT. To begin with, we do not take any Credit Card Authorizations/Deposits, instead allowing our clients to sidestep the financial burden of having thousands of euros taken off their credit card. We trust our clients to know that their Seychelles car hire is their responsibility once it is in their possession, as is the case with most things in life. We also offer amazing insurance plans on our website which limit your insurance obligations or liability, should you wish to do so. Our standard liability is 1000 € and cannot exceed this amount unless you cause an accident while under the influence of any prohibited substance. Our clients have the option to reduce their liability to 500€, 200 € and even 0€ – these options are here to allow you a hassle free holiday, with plans in place in case anything should happen.

How does Insurance work in case of an Accident or Stolen Vehicle?

3rd Party insurance is automatically included with all our Seychelles, Praslin and Mahé car hires, with no hidden costs. With Kreol Services, you have a maximum excess of 1000 €, meaning that you will never be expected to pay more than that amount, regardless of the degree of damage done to the vehicle if you should be in an accident. The same goes for a stolen vehicle. Our clients can also choose to reduce their liability to 500€, 200€ or even 0€. As you book your rental car on our website, other options you can consider include covering the Glass & Tyre Waiver, so that if these items do get damaged, they won’t be your responsibility to pay for and fix. Our terms and conditions outline this in more detail, and we also offer extra insurance packages.

You get a Car with a Full Tank, and return it with a Full Tank?

As a car rental broker offering you a highly regarded service and working with hand-picked local car rental operators, Kreol Services is always improving, in order to deliver the best services to all our clients. At the moment, all rental cars on Praslin Island include a full tank of fuel and need to be returned with a full tank of fuel. This will soon be the case for Mahé car rentals too (watch this space!), however for now, we ask that our clients take a photograph of the fuel level upon receiving the vehicle, and then do their best to return the car to us on the same level. We realise that it is almost impossible to return the car with the exact same amount of fuel. Our Kreol Services team are working towards improving this system for Mahé car rentals, in order to be the best at what we do.

If the car breaks down or you are in an accident, do you get a replacement vehicle?

Our Kreol Services team pride ourselves on fast and attentive support during breakdowns and throughout the entire period of your car rental. In the unlikely instance of a breakdown, you can simply contact the representative from our team who assisted you from the beginning of your reservation on +2482618568 – we will always be on the other end, whether you call, WhatsApp or email us. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, we will either sort out the issue (this is in the case of a flat battery, flat tire or minor mechanical work), or provide you with a replacement vehicle, so that you can continue enjoying your stay in Seychelles.

Quick Cancellation Guide

You are able to sidestep and prevent any cancellation charges with our Kreol Services Cancellation Waiver option online, at the minimum fee of 15 €. Why is this option so important? During COVID-19, many car hire companies were forced to sell a lot of their cars, which in turn affected the availability of rental cars. With less cars available on the car rental market, blocking cars and then having to cancel them again prevent us from being able to book that car between that timeframe. It is beneficial to our clients to take the Cancellation Waiver option online, which in return saves them money. Without the cancellation waiver in place, our clients will be charged 30% cancellation from time of reservation up until 36 hours of the reservation. Anything after 36 hours to 1 hour cancellation before arrival will be charged at 50% cancellation. Clients who do not arrive without cancelling their reserved vehicle will be charged 100% cancellation.

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