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Accident in your Rental Car – What Now?

The ability to rent a vehicle throughout the duration of your holiday in Seychelles is super convenient. Perks include the ability to travel anywhere at your own leisure, not having to depend on public transport and allowing you to plan your getaway with zero restrictions. While commuting along the winding mountain roads of Mahe or driving to your next activity destination on Praslin, commuting in Seychelles can be safe. However, if you get into an accident with your rental car – what now?

Getting into an accident isn’t the end of the world. However, it can lead to a few complications. If you manage to damage your car within the duration of your rental, it is important to notify the representative present on your contract agreement. This is to be done before returning the vehicle on drop-off day. If you happen to park your car anywhere on the island, try and avoid parking under a coconut tree. While they may look gorgeous in their tropical setting, these are some of the biggest perpetrators when it comes to vehicle damage in Seychelles!

The mountain roads leading to Beau Vallon can make for an incredibly breathtaking sunset cruise. However, the roads between this renowned hub area and the rest of Mahe can be relatively dangerous. Rain gullies flank either side of the already winding roads, with lighting not being the best in class. We recommend avoiding driving at night unless you are within close proximity to a nearby restaurant/attraction. This will minimise the likelihood of an accident; ultimately keeping you safe throughout your time spent in Seychelles.

However, what if you end up getting into an accident in your rental car – what is the procedure you will need to follow?

If you have sustained any damages to the vehicle, it is important to advise your representative as soon as humanly possible. This allows us to assess any major damages to the motor vehicle and proceed accordingly. If you have gotten into an accident with another driver, we ask you to stay put at the scene. You are instructed to contact your representative, and they will deal with the situation accordingly.

Your safety is our number one concern. This is why Kreol Car Services provides its clients with nothing but the best vehicles on offer. Our cars range from new to moderately used, ensuring that your commute is smooth and your fun never stops. Our fleet accommodates every budget and taste – from beach buggies built for open-air exploration and Urban Toyota Cruisers to keep every creature comfort near and dear.

Kreol Car Services have offered its services to many clients seeking solace and recreation in Seychelles. Our vision has been met, with many of our clients forging unforgettable memories throughout the duration of their stay. While we may not be present throughout your adventures, we take pride in knowing that we got you where you needed to be.

For further information on Kreol Car Services and its accident policies, contact us today.

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