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Is Seychelles a Family-Friendly Holiday Destination

When thinking of tropical island vacations, your mind may immediately wander into romantic territory – and while Seychelles is wildly popular as a honeymoon and romantic getaway destination, it is also the perfect place for a family-friendly vacation. Below, we’ve highlighted just a few reasons why you should make Seychelles your destination of choice for a family getaway.

Incredible beaches that are safe for all ages: Universally known as an island paradise with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Seychelles is the epitome of powdery-soft sand and clear turquoise waters. Providing the perfect environment, families with children can relax in comfort on the soft and clean shores while kids paddle around in the shallow waters. With the majority of Seychelles’ beaches boasting an offshore reef to provide protection from the open ocean, parents can relax knowing that every member of their family will be protected as they enjoy the almost bath-like temperature of the water.

No dangerous animals or plants: Although Seychelles boasts a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna, the island does not have any dangerous plants that are easily accessible. The only notorious plant is the Sea Poison Tree found on Aride Island that local fishermen use to paralyse fish. The truth is that the incredible fauna is one of the country’s standout features, offering adults and children a chance to see some of the rarest and most beautiful plants in the world, including the natural phenomenon of the Coco de Mer palm. Although Seychelles lacks dangerous plants, you should keep an eye out for pesky falling coconuts.

As for animals, much like its variety of flora and fauna, Seychelles boasts a wildly diverse animal life ranging from rare bird and fish species to giant tortoises. The only real “danger” to look out for is the giant millipede whose bite, although painful, can easily be treated at a local hospital. It seems that all of the island’s inhabitants – both human and not – seem to share the island’s laid back attitude.

Child-friendly accommodation: While many upmarket accommodations cater exclusively to an adult clientele, Seychelles also boasts several holiday accommodations that are child-friendly, with some going so far as to have child clubs where your kids can happily socialise with other children and enjoy activities created especially for them, including lessons on the rare and beautiful fauna, marine life, sandcastle building competitions and more.

Almost no crime: The greatest consideration for families travelling with children is undoubtedly the crime rate of your chosen destination. Thanks to its laid back environment, community lifestyle and small size, crime is almost non-existent in Seychelles, making it highly desirable as a family vacation destination. Families can explore all that this island wonderland has to offer without fear of violent crime, although you should remain aware of pickpockets.

When you are considering a location for your next family vacation, Seychelles provides the perfect tropical playground with activities and attractions for all to enjoy. Although travelling with children can be fun, it also tends to mean that schedules get thrown out the window, which is why Kreol Services offers trusted and affordable Mahe car rental and Praslin car rental services to help you travel at your own pace. Kreol Services will also happily install baby or booster seats in your chosen vehicle to ensure that every member of your family travels safely as you enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure in paradise.

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