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Praslin Island Travel Guide

This tropical paradise, once a favourite hangout for pirates, is now a well-liked vacation spot with world-class beaches, beautiful forests, and everything you’d expect from a tropical island paradise. The second-largest granite island in the Seychelles, Praslin is located 45 kilometres northwest of Mahé. The Seychelles island of Praslin is easily reached by swift ferry from Mahé and provides guests with a range of activities. There are plenty of things to do when you’re not relaxing on one of the stunning, secluded beaches.

Helicopter trips provide stunning views of the island and the rest of the archipelago, allowing visitors to experience Praslin’s breathtaking beauty from the air. The neighbouring islands may be explored well from Praslin. Visit Cousin and Aride Island, both of which are havens for birdwatchers, or go to Curieuse, home to 500 Aldabra gigantic tortoises.

On Praslin, there are three main towns, with Anse Volbert and Grande Anse being the most popular with tourists. Along with fantastic beaches, this area has the largest visitor accommodation, from opulent resorts to privately owned family guesthouses. The variety of eateries includes both traditional Creole cuisine and cosmopolitan cuisine, frequently with beachfront dining.

A superb dining experience can be had at the Les Lauriers Restaurant, where delectable Creole grills are made in front of you. By creating outstanding cuisine and serving it in a stunning setting, the Café des Arts Restaurant, which is situated on the beach, has earned its reputation as the best restaurant in the Seychelles.

Some of the most amazing plants on earth are preserved at the Vallée de Mai National Park. In this unspoilt jungle region, among other things, blooms the fabled Coco de Mer palm, native to the Seychelles. Only one fruit, resembling coconuts and weighing up to 50 kilos, is produced annually by each palm. On your Praslin vacation, a few hiking routes will lead you to a viewpoint that provides a breathtaking 360-degree picture of this jungle that appears prehistoric.

On lists of the most stunning beaches in the world, Anse Lazio Bay is frequently included. A snow-white sand beach awaits, bordered by enormous granite boulders, tall palm trees, and a dense forest of takamaka trees that provide shade. Compared to other Praslin beaches, Cote d’Or Beach has a little busier beach scene. Anse Volbert Beach, which you should definitely see on your Praslin vacation, is the most well-known beach in Seychelles after the renowned Beau Vallon Beach on the island of Mahé.

Praslin is simple to navigate, especially if you rent your own car. A public bus service is also available and it virtually rounds the entire island. With so much to see and do in Praslin, be sure to book a car rental with Kreol Services so you can quickly and easily visit everything this beautiful city has to offer.

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