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Renovation Work on Botanical Garden Bridge Done

The Seychelles Botanical Gardens provides a natural piece of heritage to all inhabitants of Seychelles. Considered by many to be a must-see attraction, nature lovers can bask in the greenery and lusciousness of this incredible stretch of nature. After many years, the dilapidated bridge situated on the Southwest side of the island has been deemed a danger to visitors. This was unfortunate, as this bridge provided visitors with multiple facilities. Fortunately, a noble effort between the park managers and Travizory Border Security, this bridge has been restored to its former glory.

This park was established back in 1901. Mauritian Agronomist, Rivalz Dupont, declared this 15-acre garden a national monument – making it one of the oldest national monuments in the Archipelago. Nestled in the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, these Botanical Gardens provide a serene and green experience to all visitors. Due to its beauty and sheer scale, this Park has become one of Victoria’s greatest attractions.

The renovation of the aforementioned bridge marks a turning point in the history of this park. While the bridge was ancient and suffering from wear and tear, it played a crucial role for visitors to the park. Tom Martin, managing director for the Middle East and the Indian Ocean at Travizory, saw the significance of this bridge. This would spark the collaboration between his company and the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA) to renovate this piece of history.

Allen Cedras, chief executive of the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA), said the following: “The Botanical Gardens is undoubtedly a must-see for all visitors to Seychelles, so the maintenance of the grounds is a priority for us at SPGA. The infrastructure of the Garden, from signage to footpaths and bridges, plays a vital role in creating a peaceful and engaging environment, so we are grateful for the contribution from Travizory to support our renovation work.”

Tom Martin, who showed great enthusiasm throughout this project, had the following to say: “We are delighted to be able to work with SPGA and offer funding for such a simple, but important project that will ensure a pleasant experience for visitors to the gardens. Starting with a seamless digital arrival experience, Seychelles is committed to being a world-class destination for all of its visitors and projects like this allow Travizory to contribute to an unforgettable experience in-country.”

The Botanical Gardens boast a wealth of natural attractions to take in and marvel at. The Coco de Mer, the nation’s most iconic plant, is on full display, looming over the entrance to the park. An assortment of endemic birds from distant lands inhabits the park, patiently waiting for you to provide them with a snack. There is a number of the massive Aldabra Tortoise within an enclosure, with a pond housing a collection of Torti Soupapa Terrapin species hailing from Madagascar.

The Guangzhou Chinese Garden, Thai Garden, Japan-Seychelles friendship monument as well as the Indian Diversity Garden emphasizes just how friendly and diverse the locals of the island truly are.

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