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Seychellois Culture by www.nation.sc

The Seychelles’ culture benefits significantly from a varied past. African, European, Arab and Indian people, among many other ethnic groups, coexist peacefully in this place where diversity is a natural element of the environment. Even though Catholicism predominates in Seychelles, Hinduism and Islam also play a role in the country’s religious landscape. You are transported to a world with both Creole and Western influences by Seychelles culture. This heritage may be seen in the architecture, which is incredibly diverse.

Seychelles’ cuisine, which draws inspiration from a wide range of foreign influences celebrates the country’s culture. The cuisine of the Seychelles is diverse and rich, much like the nation’s history. The entire archipelago enjoys seafood and you can entice your appetite by trying fish or octopus that has been roasted over a wood fire. The Seybrew and the Ecu, two locally brewed beers that are highly well-liked by Seychellois, are brewed on the archipelago. The Seychellois know how to have a good time, and dancing is a big element of their culture.

The first iteration of the tourism department’s Rendez-Vous Praslinois was held last weekend in Praslin. The event was conducted on Saturday at the beachfront area of the Berjaya Praslin Beach Hotel, allowing both locals and guests to mingle and take part in a wide range of traditional activities and delights. Sylvestre Ragegonde, the minister for foreign affairs and tourism, officially began the first of a planned series of events on Praslin, which lasted all day. The Praslin community’s many stakeholders attended this event.

Minister Radegonde emphasized the purpose of the event in his speech to the audience. “Seychelles has long been renowned as a place to enjoy the sand, sea, and sun, but we think there is more to our islands. The “Rendez-Vous” series of events will provide visitors a taste of local fare as well as arts, music, and culture that represent the Seychelles. “We hope that tourists will leave their hotels and explore the neighbourhood to learn more about the rich Seychellois culture. In order for the community to gain from our tourism industry, we also want to be able to diversify what we have to offer, said Minister Radegonde.

A range of goods, including Creole meals, pastries, locally produced dairy products, horticulture items, artisanal products, jewelry, local jam, “asar,” and fruit juices were on display thanks to the presence of seventeen small company owners and entrepreneurs. While everything was going on, local dance and “romance” performances by members of the Lospitalite Tourism Clubs from Baie Ste Anne, Grand Anse, and Praslin secondary schools delighted the opening ceremony.

Churchill Gill, the National Assembly representative for Baie Ste Anne, expressed his gratitude for the initiative, which he believes will be very beneficial to both tourists and the Praslinois population. “Because Praslin is a heavily dependent on tourism, this event is crucial to us. But other from the beaches, Vallée de Mai, and blue water, there aren’t many things to do here that would allow tourists to interact with us in a novel, unhurried way while learning more about us. This is the perfect thing to do. A “moutya” and musical entertainment by local bands marked the event’s conclusion, which drew significant interest from both tourists and residents.

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