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Typical Seychelles Travel Costs

When planning for that once in a lifetime trip, few places in the world can measure up to the impossible beauty and tranquillity of Seychelles. With a longstanding reputation as an island paradise, Seychelles offers visitors untouched beaches, five-star accommodation and international cuisine sure to delight even the most refined palette, but can you experience the best of this tropical hotspot on a budget?

As much as we would all love the opportunity (and bank account) to travel in a no expense spared type of way, the truth is that most of us will need to travel within a budget to avoid a high credit card bill – a souvenir nobody wants. To help you stay within your limit, we’ve broken down the typical Seychelles travel costs. Please note that all amounts are in the Seychellois Rupeeclick here to view the exchange rate to your currency.


General Costs

The first is accommodation. You will need to provide proof of accommodation before leaving the Seychelles International Airport, meaning that Seychelles is not a country where you can land and wing it. From affordable guest houses to five-star resorts, Seychelles has various options to suit your budget and taste. Depending on the type of accommodation, the average cost for a double occupancy room can range from 1065 SCR to 4500 SCR per night. However, the earlier you book, the better, as you may be able to get a much lower rate or score a package.

The second highest expense is generally food, costing roughly 225 SCR per person daily. A great way to save on food expenses is to explore the local markets for fresh produce or try the local take-out joints. The food is delicious, freshly prepared and much cheaper than a meal at a sit-down restaurant.

Although Seychelles is one of the smallest countries, the cost of taxis (roughly a minimum of 741 SCR per day) can quickly add up, resulting in you either paying high fees or skipping out on a trip – unacceptable! Seychelles car rental services are affordable and will help you explore the big islands of Mahe and Praslin in a comfortable and budget-friendly way. The daily cost of a Mahe car rental or Praslin car rental is roughly 690 SCR per day.


Things To Do

Beach-hopping is, without a doubt, the most budget-friendly activity in Seychelles, with the majority of beaches freely accessible – even those with five-star resorts are open to the public. The only beach with an entrance fee is the iconic Anse Source d’Argent on the island of La Digue, located in a national park. Visitors can paddle in warm water, sunbathe on perfectly clean and soft sand, enjoy a bit of easy snorkelling in the reef-protected shallows or go surfing when the winds cooperate.

Other cost-effective activities include a wide selection of hiking trails on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue that provide the perfect opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Seychelles, see the rare flora and fauna and enjoy unmatched views from the top. Alternatively, the markets are the best places for affordable treats and present an opportunity to meet and chat with friendly locals who love a good haggle.

For those with a bit more wiggle room in their budget, Seychelles provides incredible diving and scuba opportunities costing on average 1100 SCR per dive, or learn how to surf with lessons costing roughly 3140 SCR for 3-4 hours. The Seychelles National Botanical Garden in Victoria (Mahe) is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic and costs 100 SCR for entrance or enjoy a day tour to Curieuse Island (1069 SCR) and visit the historic wild giant tortoises who roam the island.

Although exploring paradise may not be cheap, there are ways to enjoy the best of this tropical wonderland cost-effectively. Thanks to its size, Mahe is generally the cheapest island to visit, with local establishments offering favourable rates to stay above the competition. Travelling during the off-peak season is always a budget-friendly choice, and thanks to Seychelles’ year-round tropical weather, you won’t be missing out. For trusted and affordable Seychelles car rental services, contract Kreol Services and let us help you make the most out of your trip and budget.

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