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Walks and Trails in Seychelles

Seychelles is well-known as an island paradise with some world-class water activities. These include beach hopping from shore to stunning shore, unmatched fishing expeditions, and scuba diving for a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful and rare fish and coral species in the world. However, this archipelago has just as much to offer on land as it does on the sea.

From bike rides to nature walks and even stamina-testing hiking trails scattered amongst the islands, going to the beach may end up being last on your list. If you would like to explore this paradise from the mountains to the sea with ease, then hiring a car in Mahe or Praslin is the way to go. Driving around the islands provides tourists with the perfect opportunity to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of Seychelles at their convenience. The archipelago’s natural beauty is heightened by the fact that 50% of the territory is preserved, with several beautiful national parks just waiting to be explored and appreciated – at least in between dips in unbelievably blue seas.

For the more active who want to test their might against mother nature, the Morne Seychellois National Park on the island of Mahe includes 9 beautiful hiking trails that are sure to suit any hiker’s level of fitness. Beginners can enjoy the Copolia Trail that takes about two hours to complete and ends 500m above sea level. For hiking legends, the national park offers one of the most demanding hikes on the island. A nearly five-hour-long hike will take hikers all the way to the top of the 905-meter summit – the highest in the archipelago! With unbeatable views and a once in a lifetime challenge, there’s no doubt the five hours will be well worth it but remember to take this tour with a guide – safety first.

After a day of hiking, holiday-makers can enjoy a stroll through the small town of Victoria – the capital of Seychelles – and explore the rich historical and architectural wonders that fill up the streets including the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar temple. Thanks to its size, guests can easily explore the city centre on foot or spend time in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world while enjoying a picnic amongst the giant turtles who roam the grounds. Alternatively, travellers can take a stroll through the iconic Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market and experience the very best of local crafts and mouth-watering dishes.

Although Mahe has plenty to offer, your Seychelles adventure would not be complete without a trip to Praslin. Home to the iconic “Garden of Eden”, guests can delight in this UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to over 4000 trees of the legendary Coco de Mer while keeping a weather eye out for the rare and exotic birds that call this paradise home.

With so much to see and do, Kreol Car Services will put you at ease by providing a collection of motor options to suit your needs that include baby and booster seats to keep every member of your family safe on the roads. Take your Seychelles adventure to the next level by giving yourself the freedom to explore and experience the best of this island paradise at your leisure.

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