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What To Expect And Where To Go When Driving In Praslin

Greetings from Praslin Island! In this paradise of the Seychelles, you will undoubtedly experience a journey of a lifetime. This hideaway, tucked away and surrounded by the Indian Ocean’s clear waters, offers a genuinely spectacular vacation. Praslin, which is the Seychelles’ second-largest island, with a surface area of 38.5 square kilometers. Both boats and airplanes can get there. The public transportation system is well-run, and there are several options available to travellers. Since tourism and travel are the island’s primary sources of income, residents go above and beyond to make visitors feel welcome and at home. Rest certain that you will feel totally at ease on the island!

Two roads exist in Praslin. There are two roads that round the island: one that travels through the Valle de Mai and the National Park, and the other. What do you know, Praslin has a mountain road that is incredibly well-defined and much simpler to travel on than its main road. Driving is done on the left while using the steering wheel is done on the right. There aren’t many road signs and the roads are in ordinary condition. Even yet, it’s challenging to go lost because there are few roads and a small road map is sufficient. A lot of giant land crabs cross the roadways throughout the day and especially at night; take care to avoid crushing them.

The famous rare Coco De Mer trees, as well as numerous other endemic palms, birds, and other wildlife, may all be found in the Vallee de Mai, a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site. Some claim that the Vallee de Mai is the true Garden of Eden due to its amazing lushness. The valley, which is located in the center of Praslin, is traversed by a number of hiking paths, including a quick 1-hour tour and a longer circular route that takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. The Coco de Mer is the Vallee de May’s most fascinating sight to behold. Although the 7 to 10 meter long palms are stunning, the tree’s seed is what draws most people’s attention. The tree produces the largest double nut and the largest seed in the world, each weighing up to 42 kg, but its fame comes from the nut’s extremely suggestive appearance.

The most well-known beach in Praslin is Anse Lazio, and with good reason. With 600 meters of smooth white sand, shallow turquoise sea, and rock formations protruding from the water, Anse Lazio is the ideal tropical paradise. Anse Lazio is the ideal beach for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing because it is bordered by palm trees that offer much-needed shade. The beach has an untouched, peaceful vibe. Bon Bon Plume and Le Chevalier are 2 neighbouring eateries that are perfect for a quick meal and some beverages.

With so much to see and do, renting a car in Seychelles enables tourists to customize their trip without being constrained by the schedules of tour groups, and there’s no better way to immerse themselves in the local culture than by just doing it. Regardless matter the size of your group, Kreol Cars will have a car that can be picked up and left off at your convenience. 

You may go to the well-known tourist destination of Praslin with the help of Kreol Car Services’ dependable and affordable Seychelles car rentals. Whatever you require, we can help.

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