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What to pack for a typical road trip in Seychelles

Sun, sea and adventure is the holy trifecta for a great road trip, and Seychelles provides all three in spades. With beaches too beautiful to be real, a variety of attractions to see and a tropical climate that rarely changes throughout the year, this island paradise is made for epic memories. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy Seychelles with trusted and affordable Mahe car hire or Praslin car hire services and get ready to experience a vacation of a lifetime.

Surprisingly, packing for a typical road trip in Seychelles involves more than a swimsuit. While the beaches are undoubtedly iconic, this incredible archipelago has plenty more to offer. Whether you love a good hike or enjoy spending a day cruising local markets, a good pair of walking shoes is an absolute must! We all love a great fashion moment, but you don’t want to have to cut your exploration short because of sore feet.

Thanks to Seychelles lack of dangerous flora and fauna and low crime rate, you can explore with peace of mind. A few good supplies to always keep on hand include: a bottle of water, sunscreen (we’re not joking about the tropical weather), a few bandaids and headache tablets, a hat if you’re planning on being outside (we recommend it), swimsuits and a warm jacket for evening outings. Although Seychelles is well-loved for its balmy weather, it can quickly turn chilly once the sun goes down.

When driving, other road trip essentials include a power bank for your phone, a camera (you’ll want to capture every moment), snacks, a good book or travel games, an epic playlist, towels, even more sunscreen, and the contact number for an ambulance – better to be safe than sorry. Speaking of safety – always keep your insurance paperwork and a contact number for your car broker either in the car or on your person. It’s best to save these details on your phone as well. At Kreol Services, we offer 24-hour customer service to ensure that our clients can always reach us for any reason.

Whether you’re beach hopping, indulging in the local delicacies or cruising from one national park to the next, Kreol Services can help you experience a once in a lifetime road trip with modern and reliable car rentals. Contact our team today, and let’s hit the road!

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