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Driving Tips in Seychelles

115 islands make up the tiny archipelago of Seychelles, which is located in the Indian Ocean. Numerous picturesque beaches in this archipelago draw thousands of visitors from across the world every year. Being an island nation, Seychelles lacks a network of local public transport. For transportation between islands, visitors must rely on boats, buses, or the air. However, renting a car and driving about is the ideal way to discover the Seychelles’ islands of Mahe and Praslin.

Regarding La Digue, the island has a relatively low automobile population, and both visitors and locals typically ride bicycles to move around.  Similar rules apply to the other small islands that lack real roadways.

To hire and operate a vehicle in Seychelles, all you need is a valid driver’s license issued by the government of your home nation. The driving age is nevertheless, something to remember. If you were issued a licence before the minimum driving age of 21 in Seychelles, you will not be permitted to hire a car.

Make sure to drive on the left side of the road in Seychelles, where vehicles have right-hand steering. Due to Seychelles’ one-lane, narrow roadways, always give the right-hand lane priority. Seychelles’ speed limit is 60 km/h on open roads and highways and 40 km/h in urban areas and regions with lots of pedestrian activity. Driving in Seychelles can be risky since locals are harsh and aggressive drivers who overtake quickly and disregard traffic regulations.

It is forbidden to drive after drinking. It is not worth the risk to drive drunk as you must have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 per cent or less to avoid being stopped by police. As you travel throughout Seychelles by car, it is simple to become used to the roads and take in the gorgeous surroundings.

Seychelles’ roadways are cramped, with sharp hairpin bends and rugged terrain. Many roads don’t even have streetlights, which makes it challenging to travel after sundown. It is not advised to drive at night since GPS navigation is hard to find.

No matter where you are from, all you need to hire a car from Kreol Services in Mahé or Praslin is a valid, clearly visible national driver’s license and a credit card. Visitors visiting Seychelles have a wide range of alternatives when selecting a car from our fleet, including options for manual and automatic transmissions, large families, groups, and couples. Unlimited mileage, complete comprehensive insurance, and the choice of an extra driver are some advantages of renting a car in Seychelles with Kreol Services. We make sure that bookings are simple and urge all of our guests to follow Seychelles’ speed limits and road regulations to get the most out of their trip.

Kreol Services is your best bet when it comes to commuting during your tropical getaway. Our fleet of rental cars fit every taste and budget, with the guarantee of incredible service and unmatched support. If you have any requests or want to learn some more tips on driving in Seychelles, do not hesitate to contact us.

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