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Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles

Explore every exciting attraction and beautiful corner of Seychelles during your vacation stay, making use of a car rental through Kreol Services that is reliable and safe. The exceptional islands of Mahé and Praslin are both considered top destinations, and driving in Seychelles is a truly wonderful experience on its own. If you are considering the car rental route, you will need to be aware of the Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles.

Firstly, it is important to note that in Seychelles you will be driving on the left side of the road, with priority given to vehicles that are coming from the right. Seychelles Road Rules and Speed Limits must always be followed, and are necessary to the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Those seated in the front of a driving vehicle must wear a seat belt at all times, and the speed limit in bustling and built-up areas is 40 km per hour, going up to 65 km per hour when driving on open roads – there are signposts up throughout Seychelles to guide you and stop you from speeding. It goes without saying that drinking and driving is not permitted. If you are pulled over by law enforcement officers, your blood alcohol level needs to be 0.08% or under, so it’s definitely not worth taking the risk. It is easy to adapt to the roads and appreciate the breathtaking scenery as you drive around Seychelles.

Once you have checked into your Seychelles accommodation and after hiring a car in Praslin or Mahé, it is important to remember to always carry your drivers licence on you as you discover everything that this outstanding destination has to offer. You should also keep all travel documentation on hand, should this be required if you are pulled over. For the most part, the roads in Seychelles are designed to handle the traffic of both locals and visitors from around the world, and you are welcome to direct any questions regarding Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles to our dedicated Kreol Services team – we offer real time, live chat assistance on our website, and are also available on WhatsApp.

Regardless of where you are from, a valid, clearly legible national driver’s licence and credit card are all you’ll need to rent a car in Mahé or Praslin through Kreol Services. When choosing from the cars that are on our fleet, visitors to Seychelles have many options, from manual to automatic drives and vehicles that are suited to couples or large families and groups of people. Some of the benefits to hiring a car in Seychelles with Kreol Services include unlimited full comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and the option for a free additional driver. We ensure that bookings are made easy, and advise all our clients to adhere to the Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles to make the best of their stay.

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