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How Car Rental Companies Look After Their Vehicles

You might need to rent a car at some point while in the Seychelles, whether you’re going on a short road trip with your buddies or you’re in charge of transporting your family while on holiday. Finding the ideal car rental company for you is one of the most crucial steps in the process and can make the entire process simpler and less stressful for you.

There are several things to think about when selecting the best car rental company. We at Kreol Services work hard to give you the finest service we can, but what exactly does that entail? How can you tell if the rental company you’ve picked is giving you the best bargain available or if they’re only giving you the bare minimum? We at Kreol Services, Seychelles-based expert car rental brokers, recognise how difficult the procedure can be. In order to give you simple and hassle-free car rental services, we go above and beyond to answer all questions our customers have and make sure that all rental cars are looked after. We do ask that our clients try to be considerate of this in order to keep the vehicles in the best condition possible.

Here are a few ways used by car rental companies to safeguard their vehicles:

  1. Before driving, we advise our clients to record a video or take as many images as they can of the car. This way, when the car is returned, you can easily show that it was well-maintained.          Remember to not leave any expensive belongings in your rental while on vacation to reduce the likelihood of theft or smashed windows.
  2. While sand is unavoidable when touring the Seychelles’ famous shorelines, we politely ask our customers to try to minimise how much they bring into the car. Because of the high salt content of Seychelles beach sand, rust and other future damages to the car are quickly     caused. A valet fee of 500SCR will be charged if one is needed.
  3. Your selected vehicle’s daily rental rate already includes the cost of Collision Damage Waiver, taxes and full comprehensive insurance.
  4. Customers who purchase the Tyre & Glass protection plan will not be held liable for any additional costs spent to fix any windshield chips or breaks. Instead, they will be covered by the plan in the event that any such damage occurs. As an extra measure of protection, we sternly advise clients never to park under coconut trees because doing so might result in sever harm to the windshield and the car’s occupants from falling coconuts.

Although these are just a few ways in which car rental companies look after their vehicles, they also aim in protecting their clients.

Look no further than Kreol Services if you want to rent a vehicle while visiting the Seychelles. Whether you need a small car, SUV or a 7-seater bus, we have what you need at affordable rates.

Although the procedure of renting a car might be challenging, we can make it much easier with our selection of high-quality cars and helpful staff. We go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best deal on the vehicle you need and our team of committed experts will walk you through the vehicle to make sure you’re comfortable before driving away.

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