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Shopping Experience in Seychelles

The Seychelles’ shopping options aren’t particularly noteworthy, but that’s because it’s not a priority or reason to travel there. Those who travel to the Seychelles anticipating vast shopping avenues and plazas may be let down. However, there are a few shops in Victoria, including unique markets and boutiques in the city center and one small shopping center on Eden Island, but other than that, not much more is available.

Markets are a terrific opportunity to experience the local culture while also finding a few good deals, especially those held in the evenings. The largest selection of souvenirs, including handcrafted knickknacks, jewellery, colourful fabrics and curios, can be found on Mahé’s main island. On weekdays, markets typically are open from 8:00 to 17:00, closing on Saturdays at noon. Some stores might decide to close for an hour or so for lunch, before resuming at 13:00.

On the island of Mahé, Victoria boats a number of shops where tourists can buy souvenirs. These include Kenwyn House, a reconstructed traditional Creole structure that displays the creations of local artists as well as locally made jewellery. Other stores on Francis Rachel Street provide handcrafted trinkets and keepsakes. A variety of shops can also be found at the small shopping center known as Camion Hall, on Albert Street. Similar to this, the Sham Peng Tong Plaza has a number of shops where tourists may find quality Seychelles souvenirs. Fresh fruit, vegetables, dry and fresh seafood are all available for purchase at Victoria’s Sir Selwyn Clarke Market. Even though you might not always be successful, it’s worth trying to bargain with the market vendors in the Seychelles.

On other parts of Mahé, you can discover a ton of little mini-food shops where you can buy regular items like bottled water and there are a few other small supermarkets on the island as well for food. Due to the fact that market merchants do not take credit cards, you must pay for your purchases in Seychelles rupees (SCR). In stores that display the appropriate card logo on their doors or windows, Mastercard, Visa and American Express are all accepted.

Dining out in the Seychelles is another fantastic experience in addition to shopping. The majority of restaurants in the Seychelles‘ outlying areas have sea views and offer high-quality food for a pleasant evening out. The restaurants in the archipelago have mostly adjusted to the preferences of visitors from around the world and provide a wide variety of cuisine, from Creole to pasta, pizza to salads, barbecues to Asian specialties. The largest selection of affordable restaurants are found in Victoria and although Seychelles is often more for resting than a vibrant nightlife, it nevertheless offers a variety of pubs and clubs.

In the Seychelles, drinking water during your meal is common, however there is frequently a sizeable assortment of alcoholic beverages to choose from. Although wine is not quite as affordable as the local SeyBrew Beer, a light lager that is associated with paradise, both French and South African wines are highly recommended.

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