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What To Expect And Where To Go When Driving In Mahe

The Seychelles island of Mahé is the biggest and most developed. A few highways cross the mountains, and the island has one main road that rounds it. Despite being fairly tight and packed with twists, the ring road is reasonably simple to drive on. The route is clearly marked and quite simple to drive on as it heads south and south-east. Nothing special, just a largely straight path with a short section of road near Victoria that has a dual carriageway. However, the steep road poses a small danger. Taken in a 4×4, this route is simple to navigate. To drive in, you must possess excellent clutching abilities, tremendous courage, and amazing confidence.

Mahé’s east coast is where the island is most densely populated, although as you pass the airport and the Eden Island development, things start to loosen up. Which could be related to the fact that this is where the Takamaka rum distillery is located. It is a piece of a 200-year-old estate that used to produce patchouli and cinnamon liqueurs as well as coconut oil. The plantation house has been brought back to its former splendour and serves as both the distillery’s headquarters and a restaurant. You can take a tour if you arrive by 11 or 1; otherwise, stroll through the former medical grounds and load up on rum at the store.

The island becomes narrow here, so if you move inland from Anse Forbans, it will take you around 10 minutes to reach the west coast. The beaches on this side of the island are flanked by hills covered in green forest and are quieter and wilder. One of the most popular things to do in Mahé is to unwind on one of the many amazing beaches that are available.

Finish in Beau Vallon and then return to Victoria. Although Beau Vallon is Mahé’s most well-known beach, there aren’t a lot of sunbathers and high-rise hotels there. This long sandy bend is spacious and lined with shady palm and takamaka trees. Usually, there are vendors selling fresh coconuts and regional produce at the end of the beach. Alternatively, you can get curries or grilled fish at the evening market if you visit on a Wednesday..

With so much to see and do, renting a car in the Seychelles enables tourists to customize their trip without the time restraints of tour groups, and there’s no better way to immerse themselves in the local culture than by just doing it. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a large group, Kreol Cars will have a car that can be picked up and dropped off when it’s most convenient for you.

To enable you to visit the well-known tourist destination of Mahe, Kreol vehicle Services offers dependable and affordable Seychelles vehicle rentals. We can help you with everything you require.

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